Street performing is not a crime!

 A story by Reggie Miles (fulltime busker at Pike Place Market)

Reggie Miles

“I was at the Pike Place Market yesterday. As I went to check on the status of my vehicle, I ran into Tommy Dean, a street performer who regularly performs at the Market. Tommy is a multi-instrumentalist but while on the street, he [...]

Once a Busker …

Some things never change for singer-songwriter Glen Hansard. Hansard, the frontman of  “The Frames”, ”Swell Season” and the star of the academy award winning movie “Once” was recently in town to be interviewed for the Seattle based magazine, Fretboard Journal. While being interviewd Hansard  found his way to the only logical place in Seattle for a seasoned veteran of [...]

Rowboat is home- Busking is his trade

Meet “Three Stars”…

A local busker who lives on a 14ft aluminum rowboat strategically located under the concrete pillars of the Highway 520 bridge. His neighbors are beavers, muskrats, wood ducks, eagles (lots of eagles!), blue herons, green herons, mallards, Canada geese, cormorants, kingfishers, raccoons, even coyotes, now and then”.

Three Stars lives with his beloved dog and companion Lulu. [...]

The Gloria Darlings (re: the festival this year)

We had our best time yet at the 2010 busker’s festival. Despite the drizzle, we had an awesome experience this year! One of the big highlights for us was: after over a year of passing each other at various local festivals and talking about jamming, we finally made the jam happen with The Smalltime Stringband! [...]

Dusty Strings - Friday Sept 18th, 2010

The Art of Street Performing

Instructor: Acep Hale, The Dandelion Junk Queens
Sat., September 18, 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m., $35.
Join Pike Place Market street performers Acep Hale and the Dandelion Junk Queens for an in-depth look at the art of street performing. Buskers (street performers) hone their performing skills in order to bring in crowds and [...]