How to Train a Boston Terrier Puppy – Use the Right State of Mind When Training Your Boston Terrier!

If you want to know how to train a Boston Terrier puppy, this article will help you …

Before you can train an animal, you must first strive to gain the trust and respect of that animal. This is especially true for dog training. Because dogs, in nature, are beasts of burden, they tend to follow a strong leader. If you manage to make yourself a leader, you are already on the verge of successfully training your dog.

If your Boston Terrier does not respect you and do not trust you, you will not be able to train it successfully. As with humans, trust and respect are vested, and positive reinforcement is a great way to teach these routes to your dog. Once the dog has learned to trust his owner, the workouts will progress quickly.

A common mistake among many new dog owners is that love and affection are confused with trust and respect. You must treat your puppy with love, but you must also strive to earn your trust. Make sure you do not let your puppy's "crimes" go unpunished. If dogs have the feeling that they can do what they want, they will walk on you. You need to set ground rules and let them know what the unacceptable behaviors are.

You may think that dogs do not want to listen, but that is not the case. Dogs really like to have basic rules, and that goes back to their natural instinct. In a pack, the pack leader sets basic rules that other dogs follow. Each dog of the pack knows his place and does not leave the rank. Your dog wants that attitude on your part, and if your dog does not get that leadership, it could become confusing.

Good luck training your Boston Terrier puppy!

Cleaning upholstered furniture in Boston

Most Boston upholstered furniture cleaning professionals will clean just about any type of fabric. Most will also be equipped to do the work at home. They will remove all dirt with a heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaner, including cushions and the back of the specific room. Another important task is to treat the areas of the lining that come into contact with the body oils with a solution facilitating the cleaning of the fabric. In addition, the solution will help disinfect and clean at the same time.

When buying your furniture, ask the retailer what they recommend as the best way to clean the item. Also, check all the written material that accompanies the piece. You can also contact the manufacturer directly. If this fits your budget, you can certainly trust the professionals for cleaning your upholstery in Boston. They know what to do, whether it's leather, vinyl or any type of fabric.

One tip that many consumers are unaware of is that when they buy a new piece of furniture, they ask for a sample or piece of fabric in order to be able to test the color of their cleaning products. In this way, you will not have anything to test on the furniture. Cleaning upholstered furniture Boston professionals recommend this important tip to all buyers of new furniture. Use a mild dish detergent that does not contain bleach. Dilute with warm water and gently rub the stain with a soft bristle brush. Blot any excess cleaning solution with a soft towel or paper towel. Drying the area with a hair dryer can speed up the drying process. The longer the part lasts or is wet or wet, the greater the risk of mold growth.

Boston professionals come across a lot of vinyl-covered furniture when they do business. It is important to use the right chemical on this type of fabric. Some chemicals can cause the vinyl to harden, ruining it completely. The same goes for leather coverings. The best is to leave these things to the professional cleaner. If you use a bad cleaning solution, you risk permanently damaging your furniture and the leather is not cheap.

There are ways that you can brighten up your old upholstery. Cleaning upholstered furniture, Boston residents recommend this little home remedy. Take three quarters of a cup of baking soda and two tablespoons of cornstarch and a small amount of baby powder. Apply a good amount then vacuum. A good trick for removing chewing gum is to use ice to freeze it, then try to break it with a butter knife or something that will not scratch the surface of the topping.

Boston Terrier Breed Information – History, Appearance and Personality

The Boston Terrier debuted in Boston, United States. Around 1870, the crossing between English Bulldogs and English Terriers led to some other breeds. One of the first dogs of this type was named, Hooper's judge. He was raised with a white female, which gave birth to the first of the Boston Terriers, although they did not wear this name until later.

In 1889, the American Bull Terrier Club was organized by the owners of this new breed of dogs. Unfortunately, the founders of this club have encountered opposition from the owners of Bull Terrier and Bulldog. They did not believe that it was right to consider this new breed with the same status or to use the same name as their established races. The club quickly changed the name to the Boston Terrier Club.

Originally, crossbreeding produced inconsistent results and it took many years of selective crossbreeding, including consanguinity, before consistent results were obtained. Sometimes the breed has become what it is today.

A small compact dog with a square skull and jaw with a muzzle or shortened muzzle, the Boston Terrier has round eyes distant from each other. His head is short, as is his tail, which is rather low on the back or the rump. His body is rather short because of his short legs.

The ears of a Boston Terrier are pointed and attached to the corners of his square skull. They are perfectly worn on his head. The nose of a Boston terrier is wide and very black. The muzzle and chest are usually white in color.

Their color is usually black with white markings, a seal (a kind of reddish-looking black) or a brindle with white markings. It is this particular combination of dark hair and bright white markings that makes it easy to recognize the Boston Terrier. Boston Terriers do not lose much and their grooming needs are minimal. Trimming is useless at any time.

The Boston Terrier is known for its friendly nature making it a wonderful companion. He does well in the apartments and lives with singles. However, it is equally adaptable to family life since it does not go well with children.

The Boston Terrier is a smart breed, which gives it an easy workout. His disposition is typically friendly and kind. He likes spending time with people and being inside is quite acceptable to him. In fact, staying indoors is also advisable because of its extreme sensitivity to changes in temperature and sensitivity to skin conditions.

In addition, he is loyal and empathetic to his owners and their needs. As a watchdog, he is excellent and reliable. He is always attentive to any change and reacts quickly. The intruders will meet his desire to escape them since his relatively small size.

However, in part because of its original kinship lines, it displays a tendency to interact rather aggressively with other dogs. He quickly takes on any challenge and presents himself very well and manages to stay ahead in any heckling.

The Boston Terriers in good health do not need to do a lot of exercise to stay happy and happy. However, it is important to moderate exercise, which includes walking and some games, especially among young puppies who tend to have more energy.

Regular walks and exercises, even at a moderate level, are important not only for the dog's physical health, but also for his mental health. However, it is important to remember this breed's tendency to respiratory problems and to maintain exercise in brief sessions that do not involve overwork on the part of the dog.

The Boston Terrier is a small to medium size. The light dog usually weighs less than 6.8 kg or 15 lbs. Average weights usually weigh between 6.8 and 9 kg or between 15 and 20 lbs. Heavy trucks generally weigh between 9-11.3 kg or 20-25 lbs. The typical size of the adult is about 31 to 38 cm or 12 to 15 inches.

Health problems that can affect the Boston Terrier include hypothyroidism, mega-esophagus, epilepsy, glaucoma, cataracts, cardiovascular problems and allergic dermatitis. Eye and respiratory problems are common in breeds with short muzzle. As a result, this breed could also suffer from wheezing, especially in extremely hot weather.

The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1893. The average life of the Boston Terrier is ten to fifteen years.

Boston Terrier Training – Errors That Cause Misbehavior

Most people have misunderstood that a Boston Terrier training would last up to six months before giving results.

However, in this article I am going to share with you the common mistake that will make this training so long and how Boston Terrier owners can avoid them.

You can have the wisest, well-trained dog that listens and follows each of your orders can be reached in no time once you understand why these mistakes are made.

Mistake # 1 – Use any form of aggression

It's a big taboo to use on your dog. If you think you can physically or verbally abuse your dog so that he submits and adopts a good behavior. It is not only a question of working, but any future training will probably be ineffective, as the Boston Terrier training approach is already wrong.

You must understand that your dog is a pack animal by nature. So, from an early age, it is their nature to quickly determine who has the most authority. However, it is also here that most Boston Terrier owners make the second mistake.

Mistake # 2 – Treat a dog as a friend

You are kind and loving your dog, so you will naturally tend to spoil your puppy with affection and attention without limits. You let them play at your place, literally everywhere and on anyone. Just because it's still a harmless little puppy, you allow this kind of behavior.

So, this has just put up in your dog's mentality that you are not an authority figure, but a friend. This means that it is not necessary to follow the limits that you have defined. This is one of the most serious mistakes that will make a difference in your Boston Terrier training: make yourself an authoritative leader. So, in the future, any type of training will be difficult.

So, how do you make sure the Boston Terrier's training runs smoothly?

At first, stop teaching your dogs too many orders at one time. Your dog is smart but may not be compared to the man. And the concept of effective training is that it builds on the success of the previous order. You should only teach more demanding orders after your dog has mastered the basics.

Second, do not try these long hours of workout. Spending thirty minutes twice a week will only guarantee your failure to workout. On the contrary, it is more effective if you can train your dog in short sessions each day. Each session should not last more than ten minutes.

So with these tips, I'm sure your dog will behave better and you'll have fewer behavior problems in your house.

Overview of the Boston Red Sox 2006

Overview of 2005:

After finally putting an end to Babe Ruth's 86-year-old curse and making one of the most miraculous comebacks in baseball history against the Yankees, the Boston Red Sox kicked off the 2005 season in the hope that their luck will continue. Although Curt Schilling's ankle was not 100%, the master plan for 2005 began with the addition of newly acquired launchers David Wells and Matt Clement to the starting rotation. But from the start of the season, it was obvious that Schilling's ankle would not cooperate because he only started 3 games before the All Star break. Fortunately for supporters of the Red Sox, no one has escaped with AL East for the moment.

It was not difficult for Boston to stay looking for another title in the AL East, especially with the mortal offensive batters 1-2 of Manny Ramieriz (292 45144) and David Ortiz (.300 47148) , who provided the bulk of the score. Private Johnny Damon (.316 10 75) continued his impressive run as a Red Sox striker while Trott Nixon (.275 13.667) and receiver Jason Varitek (.221.22.70) returned to an impressive season.

The starting pitcher learned to live without Schilling with David Wells (15-7.45) for a decent season. Throwers Matt Clement (13 6 4.57) and Tim Wakefield (16 7 4.15) also stepped up their game to keep the Red Sox and Yankees elbow-to-shoulder until the last weekend. end in Fenway. The Yankees won the season finale two games to one, letting the Red Sox face the Chicago White Sox in the Division Series. Unfortunately for the Red Sox, 2005 ended on a quick start to the playoffs as they were swept in three games without losing, losing the third match in Fenway 5-3 against the White Sox.

Off season moves:

The chaos created by GM's initial departure, Theo Epstein, was beneficial for the Yankees, who were able to catch the free agent, center-stage player Johnny Damon, under the nose of the Red Sox. Boston stayed a few days later, finishing a contract with seven players with Marlins third baseman Mike Lowell (.236, 8, 58), starting pitcher Josh Beckett (15-8, 3.37) and pitcher Guillermo Mota ( 2-2 4.70). Mota was then used to acquire the spell player Coco Crisp (.300 16 69 16 SB) which will be used to replace Damon in the middle of the field. The reliever David Riske (3-4 3.10) also took over the Crisp trade.

Other notable changes out of season include Doug Mirabelli versus the Padres against 2nd baseman Mark Loretta (.280 3 38), as well as sending field player Edgar Renteria to the Braves for money with 3B Andy Marte. Additional moves, including the Red Sox, avoiding refereeing with infielder Tony Graffanino (.309 7 38) as well as adding pitcher Julian Tavarez (2-3-3.43) and field player JT Snow (.275 4 40).

2006 Analysis:

Expect the launch of the Boston match to be stronger than last year with the arrival of Josh Beckett and the anticipated rebound of Schilling. The Red Sox also hope that Wells will be more comfortable as the third starter of the number 1 – a role that he was forced to assume while Schilling was unable to bounce back after his injury to the peg of 2004. The pen is enhanced with the addition of Tavarez and Riske. Expect that Mike Timlin (7-3 2.24) Keith Foulke (5-5 5.91 15.7 save) Jonathan Papelbon (3-1 2.65) and Bronson Arroyo (14-10 4.51 ) are back on track where they left off last year.

Boston was badly hit by losing Johnny Damon because we will miss his production and leadership, but Crisp is a fast young player. Crisp recorded career highs last year in races (86), hits (178) and circuits and the Red Sox rely on him to do even more to fill the void left by Damon. Also expect Manny Ramieriz to be on the opening day's play list as the whispers of his departure for the Orioles or Mets in a multi-team mega deal no longer seem like a food to sell. newspapers. Few teams can handle Manny's contract and the Red Sox do not seem willing to offer financial relief to teams who have shown interest in acquiring it.

Gucci Sukey Medium Bag Boston & Gucci Sukey Medium Tote

As the saying goes, comparison is a good way to distinguish one thing from another. This rule also works in stores. In order to buy what suits you best, the comparison is a necessity, especially for some luxury goods. Therefore, I posted a lot of articles to compare some luxury goods. And today, I will continue my comparison between two Gucci handbags. One is the Boston Sukey Medium bag, while the other is the Sukey Medium bag.

Both are covered with beige / ebony GG fabric. With its black leather trim, the Sukey Boston bag gives us a hint of femininity while the Sukey handbag has an off-white border, revealing the freshness. Their light golden material adds a metallic effect to the bags. The detail of the folds is finely designed to present us with a distinct and elegant handbag. The G charm interlocking detachable on the front of the bag is very adorned the bag.

By telling us that it's a bag of the famous fashion brand, Gucci, this bag can reflect your unique temperament and fashion awareness. Thus, the two share many similarities, but they present us with a totally different appearance. The Boston Sukey bag looks like a Chinese dumpling, but it is very distinct, so it is suitable for a strong personality. And the tote looks more stylish and livelier and feels that it's suitable for women's sweet.

Now, let's compare its practical side. The Sukey Boston bag measures 34 x 19 x 28 cm and the bag measures 38.5 x 12 x 26 cm. Both offer great capacity. And they share the thoughtful design features of the zipped interior pockets and studies to provide extra protection. But the Sukey Boston bag with removable shoulder strap can be carried on the shoulder.

The two Sukey bags are part of Gucci's Fall-Winter 2009 collection. If you want to prepare a stylish handbag for the coming seasons, one or the other would be great.

Have a "Boston Tea Party" How to Ideas

An event on the theme of afternoon tea in Boston will make the 4th of July memorable. Here are some 4th of July party ideas to help you create a fun and entertaining day for everyone.

Mixing a little history with pleasure is a great way to learn something new. Remember to ask everyone to dress with the clothes of the time. There is a lot of variety here, as there were the sailors and those who worked on the ship, the settlers, the town crier, and of course, the Sons of Liberty disguised as Mohawk Indians, who came to town in the dark of at night and throw all this tea overboard!

Here are some guidelines on what the American colonial war :
o Tri Corner hats
o A loose white shirt to wear under a vest or cape
o Vest and or cape
o Pants, use corduroy pants, rolled up to the knee
o socks long knee length socks
o black shoes (with loop if possible)
o carry a fife, drum or hand bells

Female attire would include :
o a hat or scarf, sometimes a hat
o a long dress
o apron
o A plumet that is a piece of linen, muslin or similar, worn by women around the neck and shoulders.

If you think that wearing vintage costumes is not your business, consider asking everyone to make and wear a hat of the time. You can even consider a project for the children who will be present. The can make hats from supplies you provide. At that time, it was considered a betrayal to go against the British king. If you were accused of treason, it would mean a death sentence. The Sons of Liberty disguised themselves to avoid being accused of treason.

Making Mohawk headdresses can be a fun activity and learning activity for kids, as well as for adults in the group. You can even consider putting some war paint.

To accompany your theme of "Boston Tea Party", you can consider reproducing tea thrown into the sea. Place "No Tax, No Representation" signs around the holiday area. Find empty cardboard boxes and make tea signs on the boxes. Tea was sold in large blocks at that time. Allow the children to discard tea outside the designated boat area and in the designated water area. This is the perfect time to discuss the fact that our ancestors have made freedom of speech and assembly more difficult.
accomplish. That's why we enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Some activities in which children participate in the colonial era can be activities that you introduce during your afternoon tea in Boston. Grass bowling, swing for apples, playing tagles adult activities can enjoy with their children.

More on Have a " Boston Tea Party "Fourth of July party ideas

In keeping with the theme you are considering, you may want to consider a tea game in Boston. Do a little research and create cards with questions and answers. You will be able to find funny and stupid facts that will disturb everyone and provoke some laughter.

In keeping with your theme, you may want to make it a red, white and blue color scheme. Greet your guests with little flags, kids with red, white and blue confetti bags or a bag of red, white and blue kidney beans.

The food is always present in the spirit of everyone at a party. The Boston Tea Party focused on the tax of the beloved colon drink, tea. The amount of tea that has been thrown into the sea, in current terms, is worth well over a million dollars. So celebrate with tea!

Prepare iced tea lemonade, melted iced tea with watermelon tea, serve Boston iced tea with a tangy, tangy cranberry taste. You can make a great and tasty barbecue sauce with tea that will not fail to please. And do not forget the dessert. Fresh fruit accompanied by a tea syrup or a raspberry tea ice cream will make your tea party talk in Boston for many years. Enjoy your tea in Boston and 4th of July party ideas. You will create a memorable and fun learning experience for all!

America's Marketing Nightmare – The Foreign Riders Who Dominate the Boston Marathon

They ran the 112th Boston Marathon Monday (4-21-08). The triumph was that Robert Cheruiyot (trying to say something near Cherry-ott) of Kenya had won his 4th Boston Marathon. The tragedy is one that America has barely noticed.

Cheruiyot won the 26.2 mile race in 2 hours, 7 minutes and 45 seconds. He ran alone for the last few miles. Cheruiyot won the Boston Marathon in 2003, set the course record for her victory in 2006, and then in 2007, making her this year's win for the third time in a row and the fourth in six years.

Excuse me while I'm breathing deeply because of the boredom.

Two Moroccans finished 2nd and 3rd and two others from Ethiopia, 4th and 5th – all with unpronounceable names. Imagine a saying from Nike: "Run to victory with Nike like Bouramdane, Boumlili, Asfaw and Adillo Do!" Notice how American it sounds and understand how difficult it can be to market foreign runners with foreign names in America.

No one seems to have the clarity to recognize it or the courage to say it, so let me be first: the national track competitions and the famous marathons in America have dropped to a new low of interest because the America does not seem to produce runners born in the United States. who can currently win signing events.

This is the brief evolution of the oldest marathon in history:

American Clarence DeMar won his first Boston Marathon in 1911 and his 7th in 1930. American Bill Rogers won his first in 1975 and his fourth in 1980.

A Kenyan – Ibrahim Hussein – won in 1991 and this year Robert Cheruiyot won. Between Hussein and Cheruiyot, Kenyans have won the race 14 times in 16 years and 16 times in 18 years, losing only to a South Korean in 2001 and an Ethiopian in 2005.

This year, when an American finished 10th, this was called a miracle in some circles. Americans have not done squat in recent years.

Of the 32 elite runners presented as possible winners of this year's contest, not a single American has even been mentioned as a possible winner in our wildest imagination. More than 25,000 riders qualified for this year's race and finished 98%.

If you ask, a trendy Ethiopian song (I swear I did not invent her name) won the Boston Women's Marathon. The top 5 finishers came from everywhere except America.

Cheruiyot has raised $ 150,000 (the largest) in prizes. Cheruiyot is a great guy and a world class runner. His main concern on Monday was to run for 2 hours 7 minutes and change because he wanted to represent his country, Kenya, at the 2008 Autumn Olympics.

It's not because he won in Boston that he will be part of the Kenyan team of three people. Four other Kenyans ran under UN: 02: 07 this year in a major competition. Yuck! This shows how Kenyans dominate the world marathon. It is interesting to note that no Kenyan has yet won gold at the Olympic Games, even though it is their specialty.

Unfortunately for Cheruiyot and for athletics and racing in the United States, foreign domination by winning here has created a marketing nightmare. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to commercialize world-class foreign athletes on American soil, regardless of their number of victories or their number of records. Nobody in America is worried about it.

I found the United States today Boston marathon cover buried on page 7 of the sports section on Monday. There were frankly 6 pages of sports news more interesting to read than a stranger who won the Boston Marathon again.

There are no longer any major programs on prime-time TV channels, only the Olympic Games have significant coverage. Avenues that attracted thousands of fans are now empty of comparison. There is little or no coverage. The big sponsors go the other way when the leaders of the meeting come to call us.

This happens because America no longer seems to be able to produce riders that are worth it. They are just not competitive and can not win events like the Boston marathon if their lives depended on it.

Do not blame foreign runners who were once stricken with poverty and then found a way to win America and return home as a new millionaire. The foreign runners were hungry. Making a living in America is easy. There do not seem to be runners who would be hungry enough to train harder and smarter and beat foreign runners.

We also do not seem to have a coach in the United States who can motivate our riders to get away from the dead center and do something spectacular. There is currently no runner in America who can handle heavy marketing and promotion because there is no one who can deliver results when it matters.

The fact that Americans think that they can not beat Kenyans is hogwash. They already thought that it was impossible to run a kilometer under 4 minutes. Kenyans believe that they can win; Americans do not think they can win. I just want to get up and give some sense to our American runners and coaches.

We did not become the biggest country in the world because we had our eye on second place or because we wanted to do a lot to finish in the top 10 in Boston.

I really think that it is not raw talent. We must have at least a dozen talented runners among 300 million people. I think our lack of world class US runners is more due to a lack of desire and determination. The marketing problem will not go away, and fans and sponsors will not come back long before America produces US-born riders capable of defeating the best players in the world.

As a long-time runner and runner, I'm disturbed by the fact that our riders have become such huge failures on the world stage.

Copyright © 2008 Ed Bagley

Visit a limousine in Boston

If you only have a day to spare for a short break and you do not want to drive, why not book a limo for a trip to Boston? Not only would you not have to argue with your friends about who the designated driver would be, but you and your friends would make a spectacular trip to Boston.

With a limousine rented in Boston, you and your group of friends will no longer have to worry about anything related to transportation. From driving to looking for the place you want to visit, to parking the vehicle, all this is taken care of by the limousine driver. All you and your group of friends need to do is simply sit back, relax and enjoy the trip.

Start your journey with your limousine friends at Paul Revere House, the oldest house in the city center. The Paul Revere House dates back to the 17th century and between 1770 and 1800, Revere owned this house. It has now become a national historic monument and one of the few remnants of an ancient era in the history of colonial America. In 1800, Paul Revere sold the house which soon became a building and the ground floor was transformed into a store. However, Paul Revere's great-grandson John P. Reynolds Jr. redeemed the building so that it would not be demolished. Funds have been raised over the next few years and the Paul Revere Memorial Association was created to preserve and renovate the building. Until now, the Association ensures the preservation and daily functioning of this national treasure.

Another great architectural building to see is the Church of Arlington Street. Ask your limousine driver to take you to 351 Boylston Street to see this beautiful building. Today, the church of Arlington Street is a perfect example of the architecture of Boston of the nineteenth century. Its location also makes it a popular venue for wedding ceremonies.

After visiting the church of Arlington Street, stop at Fanueil Hall for lunch and shopping. It is said to be in Boston at its best with over 100 of the best shopping and trolleys, with national names and locally owned treasures. From accessories to eyewear to housewares and household items, jewelery, children's and adult clothing, shoes and even toys – you and your limousine friends will have something to buy for you

To relax after shopping, ask your limousine driver to take you to Ruth's Chris Steak House. They are popular with their steaks and, as their founder Ruth Fertel said, "If you've ever eaten such a net, we wish you a safe return." At Ruth's Chris Steak House, you will not find the usual attitude, heavy and tense, that we can find in other steakhouses, as they encourage their guests to feel free laugh out loud and have a good time eating at their steak house.

Finally, after a sumptuous dinner, you and your limousine friends can now return home after a nice day in Boston in the limousine you booked for this trip – with no regrets, is not it?

Some excellent hidden restaurants in San Diego, according to a Boston restaurant review

It looks like another weekend of heavy rain in Boston.

What is it, the 7th or 8th consecutive weekend with rain? I

I love Boston, but it's ridiculous.

With the rain, my waking dreams of San Diego, California, seem

continue to appear more and more (call it California

dream). The other night I was listening to a great rock

Encinitas radio station on the Internet. It made me think

about Encinitas, where my cousins ​​lived before living

went up the coast to La Costa.

One of my favorite restaurants in Encinitas is the 101 Diner.

Located about 4 blocks from my favorite beach in the world

(Moonlight Beach), the 101 Diner has it all, from the big

lunches and lunches between the outdoor seats and the convivial meals,

nice kind all around a landlord. Almost as well, and just

down the street, Kim's Restaurant, which was awesome

Vietnamese food. Better yet, none of these restaurants are

well known (if you looked at the website that I founded,

The hidden restaurants of Boston, you would know that I have a

thing for the great restaurants that have not been discovered).

Heading south to San Diego, another memorable but

little known, the restaurant can be found in the beautiful

Cardiff-by-the-Sea. Pipes Cafe is a breakfast place that is

mainly frequented by surfers and residents of Cardiff

arrive late at work (the word is, Trevor Hoffman, the big

San Diego Padres, is also a regular here).

Pipes has fantastic breakfast plates, and the dining room

outside on the patio is a must.

Continuing along the coast, you arrive at artsy Solana

Beach, home to Fidel's, which is pretty well known, and for

good reason; Fidel is perhaps the best Mexican restaurant

north of San Diego (although I have my favorite,

which I will mention in a minute). Fidel is hard to find because

it is hidden in a distant neighborhood of the ocean but

worth looking for.

Just before reaching San Diego, you hit La Jolla, a

community that seems to have more places to invest

only restaurants. I love La Jolla, with its spectacular

downtown park above the cliffs of the ocean, and its narrow,

twisted alleys. Just south of the center of La Jolla lies a little

restaurant called Bahia Don Bravo. The owners of this

Authentic Mexican restaurant have some branches in San

Diego, but this one is special, since you can order the food

go and walk a few blocks down a street to one of the

most spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean that you want

never see. And there is even a bench where the view is, so

you can eat in relative comfort. Bahia Don Bravo has the type

Mexican cuisine that you can not find in Boston. I always go

when traveling to San Diego, and always miss it when

I'm back in Boston.

Finally, you reach the beautiful city of San Diego. Or

to go for food? Well, there are too many good places to

mention here. Some highlights are Point Loma

Seafood, with its memorable views of the city through the

Coyote harbor and cafe in the old town. But my favorite is

a small burger joint at Ocean Beach called Hodad's,

which is where I had the best cheeseburger that I've had

anywhere in the country (and I had a lot of

cheeseburgers!). Juicy, thick, hearty and smothered in

Cheese, the burgers here are incredibly good. Hodad's is

really great.

Well, I guess my dream awake to eat my way through San

Diego is almost done. I look out the window and see the

Boston skyline, I realize that I live in a big city. I come

wish it does not rain so much.

Copyright © 2005, Boston Hidden Restaurants. All the rights