Boston Terriers and Aggression

The Boston Terrier comes from tough and ferocious dogs. The Bulldogs were developed to work with butchers to engage and control steers and cattle several times their size and could cause fatal injuries if the dog was not fast enough or hard enough. The burrows that contributed their genes to the Boston Family Reserve were melee fighting dogs, fearless fighters, but totally harmless to humans. It is difficult to explain or understand how these ferocious breeds were used to create the friendly and happy companion we know today. But over the generations, dogs have been selected as much for their relaxed, non-aggressive nature as for their type and structure.

Boston Terriers can be aggressive towards other dogs, especially when they are behind a fence or leash. It can be something the dog has learned, or it can be a genetic system. Whatever its origins, this behavior is not typical of Boston Terriers and should not be considered acceptable. In many cases, this behavior can be changed by teaching the dog to focus on his owner and rewarding him with praise and acts for ignoring the other or the other dogs. Under no circumstances should a dog be punished or corrected for this aggressive behavior by pulling on the leash, shouting after the dog or hitting it. Aggressive behavior is usually caused by fear, and punishment can increase the fear and hence the aggression to which the punishment was supposed to end.

If your Boston Terrier displays aggressive behavior towards you, humans or other dogs, you should have a competent dog trainer or behavioral specialist who will work with you to change the dog's behavior without resorting to a sanction or correction of any kind. Before the start of training, the coach or specialist will probably recommend a thorough veterinary exam to eliminate the physical causes of aggressive behavior. Sometimes the pain or illness can cause a dog that has always been peaceful to suffer a sudden aggression. Some chemical imbalances in the body, such as low levels of thyroid hormones or liver abnormalities, can trigger aggressive behavior in dogs. I saw a few cases of Boston terriers that "went" suddenly and unconsciously "bite" on their owners and bit them severely, and every case of this type was attributed to a brain disorder that caused seizures.

Aggressive behavior is not normal in Boston Terriers. A Boston who develops an aggression must be thoroughly controlled by a veterinarian and put on a positive behavior modification program, based on rewards, under the supervision of an experienced dog trainer, a behavioral specialist or a licensed veterinary behavior specialist.

Ask your dog-dog friends for recommendations on dog trainers. Call the trainers to ask when you forget their classes (if they say no, look elsewhere). Look for a coach who is very positive, who focuses on excellence and rewards good dog behavior and avoids punishment or correction for bad behavior.

No Nonsense Boston's Best Guide

Boston is full of exciting things to do, see and live. Depending on where you live, you can travel to Boston by train, plane or car. And when you get there, it's easy to find a means of transportation and can get you to all your destinations. Here is a practical guide to Boston and a suggested schedule for the first two days.

Fenway Park

This baseball park is the perfect place to start your visit to Boston. We love the Red Sox, Fenway Park and, well, we really love all that is baseball and this stadium is the site of some of the best of the best games ever played. Not to mention that the stadium architecture is original in relation to its construction. My favorite site was the good post of the ground that they called the Pesky Post, named after the Red Sox player, Johnny Pesky. He has a story that gives the Yellow Pole a lot of personality. Members of your group who are not used to baseball can admire the sights, sounds and sensory overload that any baseball game offers. I say that a trip to Fenway Park is a home run.

Boston Common

Boston Common has a very interesting story. By the mid-1600s, it was a cow pasture turned into a British camp, favorite spot for speeches and public gatherings, and now recognized as the oldest public park in the United States. It's the perfect venue for events such as musical theater, shows and other activities, many of which are free. The spring and summer months will be more pleasant seasons to visit the Boston Common, but it is simply breathtaking when it is covered with a layer of snow. We always visit during the hottest months to walk in the park, watch the people and enjoy the activities that abound to see, Boston.

Boston Public Garden

Just off Boston Common is the Boston Public Garden, the first public botanical garden. You will want to spend a few hours there, especially on a beautiful hot day, and let the beauty of Mother Natures surround you. Beautifully preserved trees, flowers and landscapes artistically fill the region. During your visit, be sure to visit the most iconic statues of Boston, Make Way for the Ducklings, in bronze, and the famous statue of George Washington, the one where he rides. Remember the show, to yours? The park is next to the original restaurant that inspired the famous TV show. Take a picture directly on the stairs.

Isabella Stewart Garden

What's a widow to do in 1898 when her husband dies and leaves him a collection of Italian art of priceless value? Buy land and create your own museum for the benefit of the public forever. Her museum, she's called Isabella Stewart Garden, is replete with masterpieces by Titian, Raphael and presents one of the loveliest furniture, photos, rare books and sculptures. I was impressed by his extravagant taste for the fine arts and beauty, as well as by his motivation to carry out such a venture for the time. The museum also has a glass atrium, greenhouses and beautiful manicured gardens that have been added in recent years to enhance the ambiance. I recommend an hour visit here since your in the area. You will be happy to have done so and will probably want to plan your return.

Museum of Fine Arts

It's amazing. We took one of the convenient buses from Isabella Stewart Gardens and headed to the Museum of Fine Arts, located just five blocks away. We managed to find it open, but I would advise you to call in advance to know their hours in case you visit a day off. You will have to plan a little more time here because there is so much to see. There are also fabulous collections by Monet, Renoir, Rembrandt and more recent artists. The really interesting part is that you can take a free guided tour of the whole museum, which is considered one of the oldest art institutions in the country. It was great to see so many great artists from around the world represented in one building.

Boston Symphony Orchestra

It's a truly magical music for anybody. Whether you like the orchestra or not, it makes no difference, you will enjoy the experience of your life. The Boston Symphony Orchestra presents more than 200 concerts each year. Yes, the musicians are world class, but it 's the acoustics that makes the concerts almost overwhelming. I hope you will be able to get tickets and have the time to attend a concert. Alternatively, tours of the historic building will give you insight into the impressive history, musicians and what it takes to be part of this Boston monument. Symphony Hall is located in the southern part of Boston, near the campus of Northeastern University. It is easily accessible by four metro stations within walking distance. Hi a taxi too, that's what we did because there is no parking available.

The New England Aquarium

Whether you are young or young at heart, the New England Aquarium is a stop worth seeing. If you have young children with you, there are many things to keep them happy and hypnotized. There are thousands of sea creatures to see. The Giant Ocean Tank, located in the center of the building, is a four-storey reservoir filled with magnificent underwater wonders. I could not believe that there were more than 1000 different species in this same building. My two main finds are seals and sea turtles that slide effortlessly into the water. We missed seeing the penguin feeding, but we were told it was a sight to behold. So when you go ask an employee a schedule or call ahead. Ask what's going on in their Imax theater, kids will love three-dimensional educational movies about incredible things happening under the sea.

The 5 best tips for traveling by car with your Boston Terrier

One of the challenges of owning a dog is to travel with his companion. There are problems when traveling with any breed, but the Boston Terriers have their own special needs that should be taken into account during long car journeys. There are many methods, tools, methods and techniques to manage car travel with your Boston Terrier. Some work better than others. Now, how is it possible to get the best results?
Understanding and preparation is definitely the key. In the same way, to get good results when traveling with your Boston Terrier, you need to have a lot more know-how about what works and be well prepared before traveling.
Here are 5 tips to travel by car smoothly with your Boston Terrier:
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1. Take a long walk with your Boston before getting in the car.Why is it important? Boston Terriers are energetic by nature and can be bored and in a bad mood if they have to stay still for too long. The situation is aggravated if they have not had the chance to take a “toilet” break (which means many, if you already have a Boston).
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Make sure your friend has time to run and do business just before a long drive. And what exactly happens when you follow this advice? You can be sure that your Boston will be happy to sleep for a long part of the trip and will be comfortable until your first scheduled stop.
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2. Bring a dish filled with ice instead of a bowl of water. The water tends to spill during a car ride, but it is absolutely essential that your Boston has access to cool, fresh water at all times, especially if you are traveling in the United States. summer. In reality, ice helps because Boston Terriers are brachycephalic (which means they have a short snout) and are very likely to overheat. Cold water will help your pet regulate his body temperature on a hot day.
3. Place the blinds in the windows of the car. Again, the main reason behind this is the intolerance of the Boston Terrier to heat. You may notice that your friends are attracted by the sun’s rays on the floor of the living room, but it is very important that they have a place in the shade where to lie down. It’s also a good idea, because Boston’s clothes are very thin and are very likely to be in direct sun for too long.
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4. Have a comfortable car bed. And why is it a good idea? The car seats are designed for the comfort of the human buttocks and not for the comfort of our canine friends. With seat belts hanging and sewing in strange places, they can be very uncomfortable for your dog during a long trip. Another reason? Depending on the color of your car’s interior, seats (and seat belts) can get very hot – hot enough to burn your Boston. Having a special bed for your dog eliminates this risk.
5. Take breaks every 2 to 3 hours. And it will be important because of what? Like people, dogs need to take a break from time to time. On a long drive, your Boston can become as uncomfortable and hectic as possible. What are the other significant reasons? It’s neither healthy nor comfortable for your dog to “hold it” for long periods of time. If you notice that your dog drinks a lot of ice water that you have provided, you may need to stop more often. A good indicator? If you have to go, they probably do it too.

One last tip: Never leave your Boston Terrier in the car on a hot, sunny day. Even in cool weather, the temperature inside a car can increase by 30 degrees in less than 15 minutes, which can have deadly consequences for your pet while traveling.

When you carefully follow these 5 tips, you should expect to experience a happy and comfortable adventure while out on the road with your Boston Terrier.

Boston should add two reds to Red Sox

Two of Cincinnati's top baseball players over the past two decades have continued to be successful for the team with a red hat and pipe, which should have delighted fans in their hometown. Unfortunately for those in Queen City, these favorite sons have become stars not for the Reds, but for the Red Sox.

Boston's current sensation, Andrew Benintendi, was selected in the first round of Madeira High School in the suburbs, and a few seasons later, she was among the top picks for the American League's freshman rookie award . Ten years earlier, Boston had discovered outfielder Kevin Youkilis, who was to become a Red Sox star player, while he was playing for the University of Cincinnati.

Bean Town baseball officials may want to let two other Cincinnati players rest before the trade deadline, next month, only the duo will have to be removed from the Reds instead of the repechage. Any transaction would cost Boston very little in return, as the Reds who are rebuilding are more interested in saving time for younger players.

Billy Hamilton, of Cincinnati, is a defensive center defenseman and a gifted basic runner, but he has been a sub-average hitter throughout his career. Also according to ESPN Buster Olney, Hamilton's speed would be an asset to any rival team, according to his June 18 column.

Olney did not include Boston among the three clubs he felt were good for Hamilton, but the Red Sox have several reasons to acquire it. Jackie Bradley Jr from Boston is still beating well under the Mendoza line, almost in the middle of the 2018 season. He is one of the few players Hamilton outperforms, and the latter would be a definite advance in defense.

The Reds also have a better trump to sell to the Red Sox, second baseman, Scooter Gennett. His batting average of .336 is the second best performance of the National League and has been chosen twice as Player of the Week. Boston hesitated to outclass in second place, pending the return of Dustin Pedroia, star player, from the list of people with reduced mobility.

Pedroia came out of the D.L. last week, only to be relocated after just one game. Because the Yankees, rivals of the division, turn out to be one of the best teams in the league, the Red Sox can not afford to wait until Pedroia is completely cured.

At the moment, Boston is using Eduardo Escobar in second place, a veteran presence of course, but more of a utilitarian field player than an everyday player. Gennett would be a huge improvement, and he is versatile enough to move elsewhere if Pedroia returns.

Cincinnati could perhaps pick some Boston jewels through such an agreement. This could help atone for the Red Sox after catching Benintendi and Youkilis from the Reds hometown.

Quick solutions to planning your trip to Boston, MA

This article is perfect for those looking for quick tips for traveling to Boston, Massachusetts, where most people would say that the history of America has begun. Below are helpful tips and things to keep in mind and prepare before and during your trip to this peaceful paradise of New England.

Boston is a city of resolutions, culture, traditions and history

The reason Boston remains a popular tourist destination is that it is unquestionably one of the most revolutionary cities in the United States. Deep in its history, there is a mix of traditions, cultures, constructive transformations, new freedoms and revolutions. It housed some of the most inspiring and avant-garde thinkers of our time and crossed historical and cultural boundaries.

Here is the thing about a trip to Boston, MA – a big part of what you do and what you live depends on the time of year. The city boasts of ancient indoor and outdoor shopping destinations like Faneuil Hall to make your heart beat, giant aquariums like the New England Aquarium, fine art museums like the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, theaters, legendary mansions of legendary historical and public personalities scattered in its unprecedented landscape.

Easy Transit to and from Boston, MA

It takes less than an hour flying from New York and about an hour and a half from Amtrak Connecticut. Of course, with a chartered bus, it is essential to make stops between the stands. It offers the opportunity to savor the mysteries of old cities, to immerse oneself in a virgin countryside, to explore unexplored landscapes … without forgetting, of course, this selfie.

Tips for planning your trip to Boston, MA

  1. The first would be to find the most affordable and convenient flight at Logan International Airport, east of Boston, Worcester Regional Airport, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport or T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island. Finding the way to enter the city will always be the most important point of your agenda.

  2. For those who are travel in large group, suffice it to say, Charter Bus Boston would be more than happy to be at your service! Bringing in and out a group of Boston would be a kid game with a bus on hand, accompanied by drivers and an experienced staff. In this way, you would not fly blind … and in this case it would lead to the blind.

  3. Where To Stay In Boston, MA? The next step would be a place to catch the important shuteye between museum visits and a place to call home for a while. Studies have found that staying in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, can dramatically reduce your budget. Therefore, if you want to save a dollar or two, try to find accommodation in the suburbs of Boston. The round trip to the metropolis can take about 30 to 40 minutes, but with a well planned route, it does not matter. After all, it seems like a good time to take a nap in the chartered bus.

  4. What to do in Boston, Massachusetts – Plan and prepare your travel itinerary can be simple and fun if you are traveling in small groups or couples. However, for large groups with people of different preferences and opinions, the best idea would be to group your friends according to their interests. For example, list the attractions categorically for foodies, art lovers, shoppers, fitness enthusiasts, history buffs, children and the elderly. Our advice would be to keep things soft and loose. Having a good idea of ​​what you want to do is different from being unable to change shape depending on the current situation. If it's raining, the hike should, it goes without saying, be removed from the list. Another advice would be to reserve entrance tickets in advance and to note the opening hours.

  5. Verification of the weather channel. With four distinct and distinct seasons, Boston's climate has a reputation for being more than dramatic. Winters see snowfall from December to March; spring is the growing season, which means you can drop the jacket; summers are wet but completely in control; while the autumn time gives the impression that it is the best time on the planet. This is especially important if you have young children or elderly travelers with you. Knowing what to bring in advance, you will avoid headaches or hunting in the middle of a city that you do not know well.

Keep everyone on the same page, on the same bus

Traveling in a large group can have negative consequences for everyone and we are here to make the trip more memorable. Once you have planned your route, contact our customer service staff and we will put you in touch with the best charter buses in Boston on the market. Relax in the comfort of the bus while having the chance to bond with other travelers is literally priceless in every way.

Make hotel reservations in Toronto near Toronto Airport

Are you planning to fly to Toronto? To make your hotel easier, if you make your hotel reservations in Toronto at a location near the airport where you will arrive. Several hotels are located near major Toronto airports. and you can make your Toronto hotel reservations in areas near the airport facilities. Let's take a look at some of the hotels where you can make reservations in Toronto, which will put you close to the Toronto airports.

The Days Hotel Toronto Airport East, located at 1677 Wilson Ave in Toronto, is a hotel where you can make hotel reservations in Toronto and you are less than five miles from Pearson International Airport. For just under $ 70.00 a night, you'll be close to the airport and just minutes from the heart of the city. If you choose Day Hotel Toronto Airport East, you can go directly to the North Sheridan Shopping Center and do some shopping. You can even take a short drive to Paramount Canada Theme Park.

You can also book hotel reservations in Toronto at the Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport located at 33 Carlson Court in Toronto. For just over $ 80.00 a night, you'll be just two miles from Lester B. Pearson International Airport and you'll also be able to avail of the shuttle services offered. Near the Crowne Plaza Hotel you will find many spectacular things to do. You can play golf or go to the wonderland of Canada and enjoy all the rides. You can go shopping at Square One Shopping Center or Yorkdale Shopping Center. You can dine at The Brasserie or enjoy a drink at the Rendezvous Bar or simply enjoy the hotel facilities, including a sauna, fitness center, swimming pool or hot tub.

Another option you have when looking to book a hotel in Toronto is available at Best Western Toronto Airport West, located at 5825 Dixie Road in Mississauga. This hotel is very close to the city and all its offers. This hotel is just minutes from Toronto Pearson International Airport and activities throughout Toronto.

The aforementioned locations where you can book hotel reservations in Toronto are just a few of your choices. You can use the internet to find even more hotels near the Toronto Airport or other local attractions. So when you book a hotel, you'll be close to Toronto hot spots!

A look at Albany hotels in New York

New York is quite famous for its hotels in Albany, which are found in almost all major areas of New York. There are many types of hotels in Albany from which to choose when you visit New York, depending on your needs.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel

The Crowne Plaza is probably one of the best if not the "best" hotel in Albany New York. The biggest advantage of this hotel for any business visitor to New York is that it is located near the economic center of New York. It is also a short walk from the New York Legislative Office. In addition, a number of regional colleges are nearby.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is designed to efficiently meet the needs of family travelers and business travelers. The huge Crowne Plaza Hotel has over 300 rooms, suites and deluxe accommodations. The benefits of living in a Crowne Plaza hotel room include luxury duvets, pillow stacks, pillow top mattresses, and triple linens. All this allows guests to feel at home.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is one of many New York hotels offering shuttle services to and from the train station and the international airport. The Crowne Plaza Hotel also has a large business center that can accommodate your conventions, meetings, social gatherings and weddings, allowing you to have guests staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel while hosting meetings.

The Crowne Plaza offers guests two dining options, including Webster and the Kelsey Irish Pub. The difference between the two is that the Webster Corner is more about serving breakfast and the Kelsey Irish Pub is great for relaxing while you dine or dine.

Hampton Inn and Suites

When visiting Albany, NY, it is very difficult not to notice the bright building on the horizon that is actually the Hampton Inn and Suites. The Hampton Inn and Suites is considered one of the best hotels in Albany. The staff at this hotel is well trained, professional and ready to meet all the needs of its visitors. The hotel has approximately 121 rooms, 8 whirlpools, 35 suites and a huge executive suite consisting of two rooms. The suites at the Hampton Inn and Suites are equipped with microwaves, refrigerators, and more.

The good thing about the Hampton Inn and Suites is that you can enjoy the riverside when you live in the inn that is only a few blocks away. Yono Restaurant serves three meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel also has a large sauna, a steam room and a tanning bed. You can also get hot tea and coffee which is served in the lobby 24/7

Hotel Clarion

The Clarion Hotel is a business establishment that is probably aimed at business people visiting New York City. The hotel has banquet rooms and banquet rooms ideal for meetings and meetings. There is also a ballroom, ideal for couples visiting New York. Another advantage of this hotel is that it accepts pets.

In addition to the hotels mentioned above, many other hotels are located in Albany, New York. However, it is imperative that you first do some research to find the hotel that exactly fits your needs and then reserve a room in advance. This will save you time and money when visiting Albany.

Strong point of some affordable hotels in London

London is among the most beautiful cities in the world. There is no doubt that this city is of outstanding historical significance, making it attractive to most travelers. Every year, thousands of tourists from around the world visit this city. People go to this area to check the historical structures, the way of life and, of course, the Big Ben.

If you plan to visit London in the near future, whether for business or for your leisure, the first thing you will want to think about is accommodation, especially if you are traveling on a limited budget. It is always best to find out about cheap hotels in London to make sure you have the money to enjoy everything this destination has to offer.

Below are some suggestions for hotels offering affordable services:

The Peckham Lodge is a fantastic hotel built in 1849. This hotel is distinguished by its impressive building with unique features, as well as its strategic and central location, offering quick access to the main tourist attractions of this city. It offers various services and you can choose from different types of rooms, depending on your budget.

The Queens Hotel can be located in Tuffnell Park. This beautiful hotel has the particularity of being one of the few places to offer high quality services at reasonable prices. This property is close to Tufnell Park, Kings Cross and Kings Cross St. Louis. Pancras stations. All rooms are equipped with proper sanitary facilities, as well as central heating, TV and tea / coffee facilities.

In addition, guests can enjoy a full traditional English breakfast during their stay at this hotel.

Finally, Tommy Miahs & # 39; The Raj Hotel is located in Islington, which is also a beautiful property and one of the most popular in the area. This hotel will be the ideal place to stay when you have a limited budget for your holiday. This hotel offers Indian-style amenities and has a bar and a tea room on the ground floor. When staying at this hotel, you can enjoy many liquors and aromatic teas. The hotel will provide you with elegantly furnished rooms equipped with many amenities. Another advantage of staying at this hotel would be its location, as it is easy to access many popular places in the city.

London hotels – Marylebone

Some cheap hotels in London in and around Marylebone include the Marylebone Hotel, with rooms from £ 99 per night. The Marylebone Hotel is proud of its impeccable service and understated luxury. The Wigmore Court Hotel is a modern bed and breakfast where guests can enjoy their own bathroom, wireless Internet access and shopping on London's public transport and attractions.

However, with the 92-hectare Marylebone village that contains so many designer furniture stores, clothing stores and organic coffee shops, it's not exactly what you call "cheap London". Among the hotels in the area offering affordable luxury, you will find The Cumberland, where you will sleep on Egyptian cotton sheets in an individually decorated room with its own artwork. Cumberland also has six restaurants and bars, including the Michelin-starred Rhodes W1, and the funky Carbon bar, with its chic, industrial facilities and live DJs. There is also the Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes, which combines old charm and contemporary style to provide a successful holiday experience.

Marylebone shopping is a hit with independent boutiques and specialty stores such as Button Queen and VV Rouleaux. When you need rest, the food is excellent. The area is full of pastries, cheese shops, butchers, chocolate shops, cafés and restaurants.

Madame Tussauds and Wigmore Hall, which regularly hosts classical music concerts, are among the region's famous attractions. You can also walk around Regent Park for a wonderful and very economical experience! London Hotels & # 39; the reception areas are a good place to look for maps, guides and tourist brochures.

The vibrant West End, with its theaters, shops, restaurants and nightclubs, is easy on foot or bus from Marylebone. And once you get to Soho, you will not want to go to the shops along Oxford Street and Regent Street. The cheap hotels in London that will give you good access to both areas include the Marble Arch Inn, which offers rooms from £ 35 per night.

New York for a show on Broadway – Check out the tickets and hotels

There are few streets as famous as Broadway in New York. The theater district, also known as the Great White Way, has about 20 iconic theaters. Whether you choose the latest hit or want to see a smaller and lesser-known Off-Broadway show, no experience is like Broadway!

There are many different ways to buy tickets for a show. You can purchase tickets in advance from Ticketmaster or Broadway. The concierge at your hotel can help you get tickets, especially for this very popular show. You can also buy tickets for same-day performances at the Times Square Theater Center (TKTS) booth at 47th Street & Broadway. The disadvantage is that you have to queue, but you will usually save 25 to 50% of the total ticket price (a $ 3 service fee per ticket is charged). Available shows are displayed on marquees outside the box office, and change from day to day as well as during the day. The TKTS stand only accepts cash.

Tickets reserved for standing and standing offer another opportunity to see shows at great prices. Urgent tickets are usually available at the opening of the counter or a few hours before the start of production. Urgent tickets usually cost between $ 20 and $ 25 each. Sometimes a student card is required. Often, the ticket counters only accept cash as payment for tickets reserved for reserved seats and standing places, so be prepared. Call the box office to find the show you would like to see for information. Talkin Broadway also contains a list of guidelines and shows for standing and standing rooms only: Talkin Broadway

If you would like to attend a Broadway show in New York, is the perfect hotel for you heart from the theater district, or a few minutes walk to a place quitaire. The Portland Square Hotel New York is a long-time theater hotel, serving both Broadway fans and cast members. The Hotel Mela New York is a new luxury boutique hotel conveniently located in the Times Square area and the theater district. The Wellington Hotel New York and the Edison Hotel are located in the middle of the lights of the Broadway Theater District. And the Mansfield Hotel is a historic boutique-hotel of fine arts located in the preservation district.

If you prefer to get away from the hubbub and lights, while staying close to Broadway, the Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, in St. Louis. Patrick's Cathedral and the shops on Fifth Avenue choose the classic elegance of Bedford Hotel New York, in the quit Murray Hill neighborhood. Stay at the New York Helmsley, a world-class hotel in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, and enjoy the legendary martinis of Harry's New York Bar (on-site at Helmsley). You can also choose Shoreham New York, an elegant and modern sanctuary located at the corner of Fifth Avenue, and stroll in front of designer boutiques such as Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Chanel and Tiffany ..