What Boston Divorce Law Lawyers Need to Inform You About the Latest Changes to the Law on Alimony

In September 2011, Governor Deval Patrick approved the Alimony Reform Act. The conventions of this law came into effect on March 1, 2012 – introducing far-reaching changes that significantly transformed the right to existing support. Nearly two years have passed since then, but there are still a number of concerns about this law, its influence on child support laws and what people entering a separation or divorce process should be aware of. current. Let me share a few factors that a Boston divorce lawyer must reveal to his clientele.

Alimony is currently ending with retirement

Before the last changes to the law, it made no difference regarding the ability or inability of a person to cover child support payments. When a particular person arrives at age 65 or at the age of retirement, she contributes to social security and relies on her benefits. They have often seen a significant reduction in their income and the money they have each month to pay for their loans, rent and meals, which is essential to their lives. These limited earnings would not be taken into account – it would not change anything if you suddenly did not have the ability to give your ex-wife the same amount you had previously.

You still had to pay the alimony settlement that the judge had granted at the time. It was quite difficult to demonstrate that you simply had not had the opportunity to do it. so you really need that to change. Today, individuals have the opportunity to interrupt their support requirements once they reach retirement age, giving them all the power to save money, plan for retirement, which really helps them make things a lot more identical. The idea is that there is an end date for alimony. Imagine a couple earning between $ 700 and $ 1,000 a month.

Because of the old guidelines for child support awards, one of those two could perhaps get a majority. Without effort, you have a situation in which one of the spouses has no funds, no chance to stop working and must find a part-time job to be able to pay the bills. This is the reason why many people tend not to retire and should work up to seventy years old. These times are over.

The resources of the new spouses are not included in the calculation of the support allowance

Previously, following a divorce in the event of remarriage of the paying spouse, the recipient of alimony could go to court and obtain an increase in his alimony based on the income of that second spouse. This causes a number of problems. Many people's response to this would be to avoid remarriage – a single illustration of the kind of side effects that would have on the life decisions of the future, even if it is considerable. This has been detrimental to (re) marriage. Now, if a person who pays support is remarried, the earnings and assets of the new spouse … will not be taken into account in determining an alimony allowance. It is good to see this irritating element of the alimony procedure eliminated. I had clients who thought they could not remarry, or who had a new partner whose strict education would not allow cohabitation without marriage. Now, it's good to see them evolve in their lives. Mainly because it is precisely what it really is: going forward.

Change in cohabitation or marital status Impacts Qualifications

Continuing with the example of alimony and husband or wife remarrying, you would have a guy who would pay alimony to his ex-wife, and these funds were intended to help the woman get back up, get an education, reintegrating the job market or retraining to develop the skills that she had before her marriage, her children and her existence, far from the business world. The idea was essentially to bring her back to where she was before becoming a housewife, and the paying husband was responsible for paying part of the money needed to achieve this goal. After a certain point, the paying husband would discover that the beneficiary of the pension would live with someone: sharing rent, sharing expenses and, in many cases, getting married. Using the previous legislation, it made no difference – if a person resided with another person, his income would not be taken into account with respect to the reduction of the payment of alimony. This would not be considered. At the present time, with the modern adjustments of the law, judges can take into account the earnings of that extra person, their contributions even when they simply live together. Now, these funds are taken into account to determine the amount of child support in its entirety. Should this be reduced? Should it stay the same? "These types of conditions are now evaluated and taken into account whenever these problems are raised, which is helpful in creating a level playing field.

All Judges Now Have a Roadmap Regarding Consistency in the Massachusetts Child Support Decision

Something else that the lawyers had to do was # 1. Determine the length of the marriage, then # 2. Know the judge in question and know exactly how this judge would rule on the age of the child. 39; union. If the relationship lasted from 1 to 10 years, the judge can rule in a certain way. In the event that it would have been 10-20 years old, someone might be eligible for alimony, or maybe not. More than 20 years, and it was absolutely thought that this alimony was a certainty, every time … and for life. Today, long-term marriages (lasting 20 years or more) end in retirement. For a union of five years or less, the duration of the support is 50% of the number of months of the marriage. Take a marriage that lasted 48 months or four years. Divide by 2 and that's 24 – so a spouse would probably qualify for two years of alimony in this scenario. 5 to 10 years, it would be 60%, between 10 and 15 years and 70%, and between 15 and 20 years, 80%. Previously, it was difficult to demonstrate that a person was eligible for alimony after less than 10 years of marriage and the burden of proof was on them. Nevertheless, with an excellent divorce lawyer, this burden is considerably lightened and the judges have today a road map to rule consistently throughout Massachusetts.

Boston Consulting Group recruitment tips and tricks

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the leading consulting firms in the world. Along with other industry leaders such as Booz, Bain, McKinsey and At Kearney, BCG attracts the most talented potential recruits each year. Founded in the 1960s by a former Harvard Bible Book salesman, BCG is a prestigious and competitive place to start in management consulting.

Shortly before completing his studies at Harvard, he left and went to work for Westinghouse, becoming one of the youngest vice-presidents of that company. Although the company was close to $ 500 in the first month, Henderson continued. A culture of dynamism, passion and innovation continues to advance BCG in its vision.

If you have graduated from a top 30 university, you will have easier access to recruiters from the Boston Consulting Group. Students who have not attended the grandes écoles are not strictly taken into account. BCG is developing new recruitment strategies to target schools outside the top 30 cities. He also prefers to target the best schools in cities where he has offices, such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco.

BCG reports that undergraduate recruiting on campus takes place in January. They recruit only juniors and do not have a second-year internship program. Recruiters travel to campus to conduct information sessions, interview interested students and make offers. An internship is a huge foot in the door with the BCG. They offer full-time positions to about 90% of their trainees.

BCG does not hire only majors or MBAs. What they are looking for is the academic excellence. Exceptionally high average marks and high marks are favored when students are assessed for permanent consulting positions. Obvious evidence of leadership and participation is also taken into account. A weakness in any of these areas will likely put you out of action.

Like other management consulting firms, you want to hone your case study interview skills. Each interview at BCG is case-based. This means that you will want to buy case study guides and practice.

BCG highly values ​​the talents of individuals rather than the center of their degrees. New management consulting analysts are hired as generalists before moving on to specialized areas later in their careers.

The firm looks for people who can demonstrate a natural curiosity for learning and problem solving, leadership and creativity. The results are very appreciated. The company wants to see concrete results and how you have had an impact on the causes and projects you have defended. To get a job at BCG, be prepared to show how you meet all these qualities with concrete results.

BCG is generally ranked among the best places to work. Their consultants work very hard, but the company is proud to allow its management consulting associates to lead lives outside of work. Associates work an average of 50 to 60 hours a week, at times when the hours are longer. The job will never be a standard 9 to 5 job, but no management consulting job is. Recruiters compare their schedule to a college schedule, as they spend a lot of time preparing large presentations. The company also does not like hiring people who will create competition within the company. They want their employees to be competitive – but not with each other.

BCG recruiters emphasize the importance of strong listening and listening skills, citing the candidate's frequent failure to listen carefully to interview questions, leading to misunderstandings and misunderstandings. wrong conclusions. They advise candidates to listen carefully to the question along the way and not to make assumptions. If they have questions, they should ask them. People who like the cases usually do a good job. In other words, learn to like the questions of the case study interviews and you will increase your chances of getting the position of BCG's dream management consultant.

BCG matrix (Boston Consulting Group) – Product Portfolio Method

The BCG matrix is ​​the method or tool for companies to evaluate their product portfolio and business units to develop the best business strategy possible. The BCG Matrix was developed by the Boston Advisory Group to help companies and the company manage their product and business portfolios.

The BCG matrix is ​​a four-cell grid, with each cell associated with a name. Here are the names of four cells in BCG Matrix.

• Milk cows


• Polling points


The purpose of marking BCG matrix cells is to classify products or business units according to their relative market share and the growth rate of the sector.

Milk cows

Products or activities with a high relative market share and a low growth rate in the industry fall into the cows' cell. These business entities generate more inflows with less investment. The cow market share is high, but the growth of the industry is slow compared to that of the stars.


Stars are commercial entities with high market share and sector growth. Cash inflows are high, but on the other hand, large investments are needed to cover marketing, distribution, research and development and other business expenses.

Polling points

As noted, the question marks are commercial entities with a high growth rate and a low market share. It may fall in either Stars and Dogs, the company must make the decision to invest more on the question marks or eliminate by selling to other companies.


Dogs are commercial entities with a low market share and growth rate. No business wants to dog in his business or product portfolio as they only eat meat in the form of money and have minimal cash income. The best thing the company can do to liquidate dogs to minimize risk.

Boston Acoustics Receptor – Review of this excellent non-digital radio

I've always loved the radio and thought I'd make a review of the Boston Acoustics receiver. I love their speakers and I now have a table radio, a great product of a great company.

The weight of this radio testifies to the sound quality that it produces to a little more than 4 lbs. As with any good quality audio system, a minimalist style offers a superb look.

In general, my radio is in the kitchen or in the shed, and having the time and alarm allows me to keep track of the time. Unlike the typical up and down buttons, the receiver retains the best method to tune a radio button. It is so much easier to find your station.

Normally, I hate programming my electronics on the old VCR syndrome, but with this radio, it was simple and intuitive. The radio comes with a simple alarm clock ideal for your bedside table. You can memorize up to 20 preset AM / FM radio stations.

The minimalist design continues with the plugs, one for the antenna and one for a mini plug, that 's all you get. The mini-plug function is excellent because it allows me to connect my iPod and use the radio as a speaker.

A word of caution with the radio, it has a small battery that helps keep the clock and alarm in small outages, convenient not to be late, but it does not have the courage to maintain the stations radio.

I feared that with one speaker, the sound quality is mediocre, but the skills of the Boston Acoustics team mean you can not tell the difference. My previous model, Tivoli One, was quickly put in the shed when I compared the audio quality. Have a depth of sound and a better base with a medium range that is very organic.

When I'm in the kitchen, I like to turn up the volume of my favorite tracks and this little radio works. With a clean reception, this radio can really challenge digital radio, especially when combined with sound quality.

If you are looking for a new radio, the Boston Acoustics receiver gives me the green light.

Adidas Celtics Track Jacket – Every fan of the Boston Celtics needs it

Are you a fan of the Boston Celtics? Is the Adidas Celtics Track Jacket part of your wardrobe? The Adidas Originals Track Jacket is stylish, comfortable and must-have for all fans. If you do not have one yet, you may be surprised by the different styles available.

The most popular jacket is the Adidas Originals 3-Strip Track Jacket. This is a Celtics Green Match Day favorite with the team logo on the left breast. Its simple style and comfort make it the ideal jacket to wear for a match. Since it's a sports jacket, it's a nice work jacket and you can show your team's colors at the gym.

Do you want a jacket that stands out more? Try the Celtics Classics Hardwood Classics Full Zip Jacket. It is decorated in the colors of the Celtics team. The team logo is embroidered at the top left of the chest. On the back it's even better. A patch for each championship banner is embroidered on the back.

For the ladies, Adidas has the Boston Celtics Black Celtics Full Zip Track Jacket. Do not get stuck with a jacket that guys wear. This elegant jacket has 3 gold stripes on the sleeves, the embroidered Adidas logo and the team logo on the front as well as metallic accents.

Do not forget the children. There are many Adidas clothing items available at the child's up to the teenage years. The whole family can be dressed for the game or to organize your NBA party.

Did you get all your championship gear of the championship season in 2008? What better way to remember this championship than with a jacket or jersey of your favorite player.

What to see at the Boston Celtics House

Planning a trip to Boston? It would be nice to plan and take your family with you because Boston is a great place to visit. Your family will be able to visit several places of tourist attraction while you are busy at work. Historic sites at Boston National Historic Park, the place has something for everyone.

The other must-see site is the Bunker Hill Monument. This is the site where the first battle of the famous American Revolution took place. The granite monument rises to 221 feet and is an applauding one. 294 steps take you to the summit for the most beautiful view.

Take note to visit the Charlestown Navy Yard as well as the USS Constitution Museum. The Charlestown Navy Yard is one of the oldest and oldest shipyards, built around 1800 to allow the repair, construction and supply of ships to the navy for war.

In case you're wondering, USS Constitution is the name of the oldest commissioned warship that still floats. It has been transformed into an amazing museum with great exhibits that will keep your children interested.

The other place on your itinerary to visit should be the Old State House. Built around 1713, Old State House was built to serve as a trading venue for merchants and as a meeting place for state governments and colonial governments.

Today, the building is a museum that marks the site of the 1770 massacre in Boston and other important historical events.

This building became a museum marking the site of the 1770 massacre in Boston and other events of historical significance.

The place you will surely like to visit is the Paul Revere House, one of the oldest downtown Boston. The house belonged to Paul Revere, a patriot of the American Revolution and he lived in the same house with his family. Even nowadays, the interiors of the house, including the exposed period furniture, belong to the colonial period of the Paul Revere family.

These are just some of the places of historical significance. When you visit Boston, there is much more to do and places to see. You will not have enough time to see everything and we are sure you will enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Boston area retirement community honored

The National Assisted Living Nurses Association rewards the retirement community of Boston, Massachusetts. Atria Marina Place has received the Platinum Community Award. NALNA recently recognized this community for its 100% quality compliance, as determined by a survey conducted in the state of Massachusetts. Atria Senior Living Group has achieved the highest number of national surveys without deficiency among all recognized groups.

Atria Marina Place is located on the seaside enclave of Marina Bay, just 10 minutes from Boston. At Atria Marina, you'll find a community offering independent living, assisted living and specialized nursing, rehabilitation, memory and Alzheimer care. You have the choice between 3 levels of service: Reinforced Independent Program, Assisted Service Program and Life Orientation Program. Residents and loved ones also have peace of mind knowing that assistance is available 24 hours a day if needed. The Marina Bay Specialized Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is right next door.

The city of Quincy is also committed to providing quality services to its older residents. Mayor Koch has dedicated the brand new Kennedy Center. It is the main center of the city and has been named to honor the close ties that the Kennedy family has with the city of Quincy. The Kennedy Center will house the Council on Aging and the Department of Health. There is also a computer lab, game rooms, handicrafts, library programs, a music room and extensive catering services. There are also many museums and places to visit in the "City of Presidents". Quincy is also called "birthplace of the American dream". The Quincy History Museum will take you through more than 400 years of America's richest history. You may also decide to explore the birthplaces of our second and sixth presidents of nations at Adams National Historic Park. The city's website offers a wealth of information to help you visit these museums and parks.

Atria Marina Place offers many additional amenities and services to its residents. Many common areas are available, including living and dining areas, country kitchen, pub and activity room. Social, fitness and wellness programs are available to all residents, as well as restaurant-style dinners, weekly housekeeping, and more. Atria Marina Place also offers regular transportation for doctor's appointments, purchases, special interest trips and lunches. There is also a general store and beauty salon on campus to meet the needs of residents.

Atria Marina Place is not a retirement home, it is a vibrant seniors community where residents live a full and rewarding life with their friends and neighbors. Every month, many events are planned so that everyone has something fun and exciting to expect. To install at Atria Marina Place means going out of isolation and experiencing pleasant moments with other elderly people, who can also use a little help from everyday life but who do not want to go out. surely do not need to know how to live. Think about independence. Think good times. Think Atria.

Who else Boston Boston XO Contact Lenses?

Looking for practical contact lenses that cost less? Boston XO contact lenses are right for you. This is an economical choice for visual correction. Made by Polymer Technology (Bausch & Lomb), these gas permeable (GP) lenses not only provide optimal comfort for your pockets, but also provide better vision care. Around the world, users have different visual needs that require a wide range of special designs. It has therefore been proven that the Boston XO was rugged and durable and that it was made of a high-density noise material.

XO lenses are specifically indicated for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism presbyopia and even daily wear for ametropia and irregular corneal states. These multifocal lenses are comfortable to wear because a high percentage of its components is water. For extreme sensitivity of the eyes, these lenses offer resistance to dirt and debris because they not only have a nonstick function, they are also ultra thin. In addition, they are customized to naturally adapt to the shape of the eyes and the specific needs of the person who needs it.

Boston's contact port allows a person to change the color of their eyes. With the inimitable material of the lens (hexafocon A) which has a permeable nature to oxygen, it allows the eyes to breathe. These will also help a person to see clearly at night. These contact lenses are also naturally wettable, so you can even swim while wearing them. The Boston XO lenses (product number 30625907) are sold at low prices to meet the demands of the larger population.

The specific properties of the Boston XO include a wetting angle of 49 degrees, a saline absorption of 1.0% and a density of 1.27. They are available in different colors such as blue, ice blue, green and purple, as well as according to the specifications of the sphere: aspherical, bifocal, toric, bi-toric, front and back. They also come with an assortment of colors including and gray. Boston XO lenses can be purchased at optical stores or even online. Lens.com offers a regular price of $ 34.95 and a retail price of $ 105.00. Boston XO contact lenses can also be purchased at VisionDirect.com for 36.99.

The other products below Boston XO contact lenses also have the same quality. Proclear EP, is also designed to correct visual difficulties. Proclear EP (Product ID: 41117240) is manufactured by Coppervision. With a 40% polymer content and 60% water content, Proclear EP can be purchased at a regular price of $ 30.95 and a retail price of $ 43.00.

Review of Church Park Apartments in Boston

When I think of the apartments at Church Park in Boston, the first word that comes to mind is: class. From their Tillinger's concierge service to their resident's lounge located near the expansive rooftop terrace, it seems to be one of Boston's most stylish, quiet and well-maintained buildings.

Being located at the location of Mass Ave, between South End and Back Bay, I was initially skeptical about the level of noise perceived and the age of the building. After talking with several residents, I realized that it was not a problem. Unlike most apartment buildings, the walls are covered with concrete, which insulates and removes almost all the noise between the apartments and the outside. Although Mass Ave is one of Boston's busiest streets, I was pleasantly surprised by the serenity and privacy of the building. You can walk to Prudential or Copley, as well as the coveted Newbury Street and even the BU in less than 15 minutes. Few apartment buildings in Boston can boast within a walking distance of all these neighborhoods, as well as South End restaurants within 15 minutes.

In terms of price, Church Park is well below its competitors. Boston Common Archstone, Avalon Prudential and Exeter Towers are all within a stone's throw, but far beyond the price. With apartments starting at $ 2,000 for over 700 square feet, even in smaller apartments, you really get a good deal. The Archstone apartments are brand new, but tend to have smaller layout plans starting at around $ 2,000 for a bedroom. It is not surprising that many people in the community have been there for more than 10 years.

What will really sell you on the building, it's the roof terrace! I hope you will have a good day as you will be able to see the incredible and vast skyline of the city.

Boston Whaler Outrage 220

The classics like the Boston Outrage sports boat family Whaler never seem out of fashion.

These fun boats are powerful enough to allow you to ski or sail in the waves, but small enough to be towed by a trailer. The open deck plan of Outrage 190 makes it perfect for fishing or sunbathing. The 22.5-foot Outrage 220 comes with a covered cockpit to provide homeowners with shade or rain protection, but is still small enough to be pulled on a trailer. Larger models like the 24.6 foot Outrage 250 feature enclosed cockpits for fishing and boating all year round.

The Outrage 220 could be the perfect boat for Florida. At 22.5 feet, it is still small enough to be dropped by a trailer, but big enough to carry ten people on a fishing trip or a family outing. The Outrage has a sunroof to protect you from the rain, but you can also enjoy an open cockpit so you can enjoy the salt water sensation on your face.

The Mercury Verado 225XL engine provides plenty of power, while a 115-gallon fuel tank keeps you on the outside as long as you want. Three other models of Verado are available if you want more power. Hydraulic power steering and a set of luxury gauges make the Outrage 220 easy to maneuver.

The self-propelled cockpit has many standard features, including four stainless steel rod holders for anglers. The Outrage 220 is also suitable for swimmers and fishermen. An integrated swim platform and stainless steel telescopic swim ladder will delight children of all ages.

The Outrage 220 can be supplemented with many electronic options to enhance your browsing experience. Satellite radio with a six-month subscription will entertain you and make sure you do not miss a game or news when you're in the water. The satellite weather allows you to never be caught in a storm when you are away. A stereo system allows you to take your music while you are on the water. A set of Raymarine electronic navigation with GPS and chartplotter can save you from getting lost while the fish finder helps you locate the bigger ones.

There is even a fishing package for those who want a boat only for fishing. A comfort package makes the Outrage 220 an excellent boat for family outings. The Outrage 220 can be the perfect boat for the family, a fishing boat for dad and a fun machine for the rest of the family.