New England Travel Guide – Places to Visit

New England is a beautiful part of the world at any time of the year. New England refers to the states of northeastern Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Travel in this area can be by bus, car, train, plane, seaplane or boat.

New England Travel Guide: Boston Region

Boston is considered the cosmopolitan "capital" of New England. With such a rich cultural history, Boston is definitely a fantastic vacation spot because it has a lot to offer the whole family. However, because of Boston's layout, it can be difficult to maneuver by car and it is easy to get lost on foot. The transport hub of the South Railway Station is the ideal place for tourists. This terminal includes the MBTA metro station, which includes not only the subway, but also buses. South Station is home to the commuter train and Amtrak intercity trains. The bus station resides in South Station and handles interstate and regional buses.

Some of the places to visit in Boston include:

– Boston Common which is Boston Central Park and the center of Boston.

– Beacon Hill is quaint and charming with its 18th and 19th century houses on narrow, colonial streets

– The Esplanade of the Charles River – an area along the Charles River where the Hatch Memorial is the venue for outdoor concerts.

– The Faneuil Hall Market and the Quincy Market are historic and well-known places, home to all kinds of shops, taverns and grocery stores.

New England Travel Guide: Connecticut

The Shoreline in Connecticut stretches between the affluent neighborhood of Greenwich and New Haven, a city much different from Greenwich in that it is more of a city based on industry and commerce. Because of the frequency of train travel, these neighborhoods are considered suburbs of New York.

Places to visit when visiting the Connecticut shoreline include:

– The Hammonasset National Park is a favorite resort because of its sandy beaches and warm water.

– Cellars and vineyards. There are more than a dozen in Connecticut alone, many of them along the shoreline. Thanks to the geography (moderating influence on the climate of Long Island Sound), the grapes adore this region.

– The Connecticut River is dotted with charming historic towns. Many of them are rich cities because of shipbuilding activities in the 1700s and 1800s.

– Mystic Seaport is a place for kids and adults. Carriage rides, boarding sailboats and boat trips along the Mystic River.

New England Travel Guide: Contact with Nature in Vermont

Vermont is the perfect place for all kinds of outdoor activities: hiking, biking, skiing and camping. Where should you go when you visit Vermont? Try Montpelier, Middlebury, Northeast Kingdom and Plymouth to name a few.

– Spring visit, or "mud season", when Vermont residents collect maple sap and turn it into maple syrup It is a fun and environmentally friendly activity. environment for all members of the family.

– Killington is one of the best ski spots. Even with its long winter season, Killington is known for its snow production and maintenance.

– If you are looking for a taste of Europe, Stowe is the perfect place. The birthplace of Vermont's highest mountain, the city has emerald hills, steep slopes and windy roads.

There are many interesting cities and historic towns to discover in the New England region. Although each state is slightly different, they all share the same great qualities of New England: clean air, healthy living and beautiful landscapes.