What to see at the Boston Celtics House

Planning a trip to Boston? It would be nice to plan and take your family with you because Boston is a great place to visit. Your family will be able to visit several places of tourist attraction while you are busy at work. Historic sites at Boston National Historic Park, the place has something for everyone.

The other must-see site is the Bunker Hill Monument. This is the site where the first battle of the famous American Revolution took place. The granite monument rises to 221 feet and is an applauding one. 294 steps take you to the summit for the most beautiful view.

Take note to visit the Charlestown Navy Yard as well as the USS Constitution Museum. The Charlestown Navy Yard is one of the oldest and oldest shipyards, built around 1800 to allow the repair, construction and supply of ships to the navy for war.

In case you're wondering, USS Constitution is the name of the oldest commissioned warship that still floats. It has been transformed into an amazing museum with great exhibits that will keep your children interested.

The other place on your itinerary to visit should be the Old State House. Built around 1713, Old State House was built to serve as a trading venue for merchants and as a meeting place for state governments and colonial governments.

Today, the building is a museum that marks the site of the 1770 massacre in Boston and other important historical events.

This building became a museum marking the site of the 1770 massacre in Boston and other events of historical significance.

The place you will surely like to visit is the Paul Revere House, one of the oldest downtown Boston. The house belonged to Paul Revere, a patriot of the American Revolution and he lived in the same house with his family. Even nowadays, the interiors of the house, including the exposed period furniture, belong to the colonial period of the Paul Revere family.

These are just some of the places of historical significance. When you visit Boston, there is much more to do and places to see. You will not have enough time to see everything and we are sure you will enjoy everything the city has to offer.