Who else Boston Boston XO Contact Lenses?

Looking for practical contact lenses that cost less? Boston XO contact lenses are right for you. This is an economical choice for visual correction. Made by Polymer Technology (Bausch & Lomb), these gas permeable (GP) lenses not only provide optimal comfort for your pockets, but also provide better vision care. Around the world, users have different visual needs that require a wide range of special designs. It has therefore been proven that the Boston XO was rugged and durable and that it was made of a high-density noise material.

XO lenses are specifically indicated for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism presbyopia and even daily wear for ametropia and irregular corneal states. These multifocal lenses are comfortable to wear because a high percentage of its components is water. For extreme sensitivity of the eyes, these lenses offer resistance to dirt and debris because they not only have a nonstick function, they are also ultra thin. In addition, they are customized to naturally adapt to the shape of the eyes and the specific needs of the person who needs it.

Boston's contact port allows a person to change the color of their eyes. With the inimitable material of the lens (hexafocon A) which has a permeable nature to oxygen, it allows the eyes to breathe. These will also help a person to see clearly at night. These contact lenses are also naturally wettable, so you can even swim while wearing them. The Boston XO lenses (product number 30625907) are sold at low prices to meet the demands of the larger population.

The specific properties of the Boston XO include a wetting angle of 49 degrees, a saline absorption of 1.0% and a density of 1.27. They are available in different colors such as blue, ice blue, green and purple, as well as according to the specifications of the sphere: aspherical, bifocal, toric, bi-toric, front and back. They also come with an assortment of colors including and gray. Boston XO lenses can be purchased at optical stores or even online. Lens.com offers a regular price of $ 34.95 and a retail price of $ 105.00. Boston XO contact lenses can also be purchased at VisionDirect.com for 36.99.

The other products below Boston XO contact lenses also have the same quality. Proclear EP, is also designed to correct visual difficulties. Proclear EP (Product ID: 41117240) is manufactured by Coppervision. With a 40% polymer content and 60% water content, Proclear EP can be purchased at a regular price of $ 30.95 and a retail price of $ 43.00.