Review of Church Park Apartments in Boston

When I think of the apartments at Church Park in Boston, the first word that comes to mind is: class. From their Tillinger's concierge service to their resident's lounge located near the expansive rooftop terrace, it seems to be one of Boston's most stylish, quiet and well-maintained buildings.

Being located at the location of Mass Ave, between South End and Back Bay, I was initially skeptical about the level of noise perceived and the age of the building. After talking with several residents, I realized that it was not a problem. Unlike most apartment buildings, the walls are covered with concrete, which insulates and removes almost all the noise between the apartments and the outside. Although Mass Ave is one of Boston's busiest streets, I was pleasantly surprised by the serenity and privacy of the building. You can walk to Prudential or Copley, as well as the coveted Newbury Street and even the BU in less than 15 minutes. Few apartment buildings in Boston can boast within a walking distance of all these neighborhoods, as well as South End restaurants within 15 minutes.

In terms of price, Church Park is well below its competitors. Boston Common Archstone, Avalon Prudential and Exeter Towers are all within a stone's throw, but far beyond the price. With apartments starting at $ 2,000 for over 700 square feet, even in smaller apartments, you really get a good deal. The Archstone apartments are brand new, but tend to have smaller layout plans starting at around $ 2,000 for a bedroom. It is not surprising that many people in the community have been there for more than 10 years.

What will really sell you on the building, it's the roof terrace! I hope you will have a good day as you will be able to see the incredible and vast skyline of the city.