How to Train a Boston Terrier Puppy – Use the Right State of Mind When Training Your Boston Terrier!

If you want to know how to train a Boston Terrier puppy, this article will help you …

Before you can train an animal, you must first strive to gain the trust and respect of that animal. This is especially true for dog training. Because dogs, in nature, are beasts of burden, they tend to follow a strong leader. If you manage to make yourself a leader, you are already on the verge of successfully training your dog.

If your Boston Terrier does not respect you and do not trust you, you will not be able to train it successfully. As with humans, trust and respect are vested, and positive reinforcement is a great way to teach these routes to your dog. Once the dog has learned to trust his owner, the workouts will progress quickly.

A common mistake among many new dog owners is that love and affection are confused with trust and respect. You must treat your puppy with love, but you must also strive to earn your trust. Make sure you do not let your puppy's "crimes" go unpunished. If dogs have the feeling that they can do what they want, they will walk on you. You need to set ground rules and let them know what the unacceptable behaviors are.

You may think that dogs do not want to listen, but that is not the case. Dogs really like to have basic rules, and that goes back to their natural instinct. In a pack, the pack leader sets basic rules that other dogs follow. Each dog of the pack knows his place and does not leave the rank. Your dog wants that attitude on your part, and if your dog does not get that leadership, it could become confusing.

Good luck training your Boston Terrier puppy!