Boston Terrier Training – Errors That Cause Misbehavior

Most people have misunderstood that a Boston Terrier training would last up to six months before giving results.

However, in this article I am going to share with you the common mistake that will make this training so long and how Boston Terrier owners can avoid them.

You can have the wisest, well-trained dog that listens and follows each of your orders can be reached in no time once you understand why these mistakes are made.

Mistake # 1 – Use any form of aggression

It's a big taboo to use on your dog. If you think you can physically or verbally abuse your dog so that he submits and adopts a good behavior. It is not only a question of working, but any future training will probably be ineffective, as the Boston Terrier training approach is already wrong.

You must understand that your dog is a pack animal by nature. So, from an early age, it is their nature to quickly determine who has the most authority. However, it is also here that most Boston Terrier owners make the second mistake.

Mistake # 2 – Treat a dog as a friend

You are kind and loving your dog, so you will naturally tend to spoil your puppy with affection and attention without limits. You let them play at your place, literally everywhere and on anyone. Just because it's still a harmless little puppy, you allow this kind of behavior.

So, this has just put up in your dog's mentality that you are not an authority figure, but a friend. This means that it is not necessary to follow the limits that you have defined. This is one of the most serious mistakes that will make a difference in your Boston Terrier training: make yourself an authoritative leader. So, in the future, any type of training will be difficult.

So, how do you make sure the Boston Terrier's training runs smoothly?

At first, stop teaching your dogs too many orders at one time. Your dog is smart but may not be compared to the man. And the concept of effective training is that it builds on the success of the previous order. You should only teach more demanding orders after your dog has mastered the basics.

Second, do not try these long hours of workout. Spending thirty minutes twice a week will only guarantee your failure to workout. On the contrary, it is more effective if you can train your dog in short sessions each day. Each session should not last more than ten minutes.

So with these tips, I'm sure your dog will behave better and you'll have fewer behavior problems in your house.