Overview of the Boston Red Sox 2006

Overview of 2005:

After finally putting an end to Babe Ruth's 86-year-old curse and making one of the most miraculous comebacks in baseball history against the Yankees, the Boston Red Sox kicked off the 2005 season in the hope that their luck will continue. Although Curt Schilling's ankle was not 100%, the master plan for 2005 began with the addition of newly acquired launchers David Wells and Matt Clement to the starting rotation. But from the start of the season, it was obvious that Schilling's ankle would not cooperate because he only started 3 games before the All Star break. Fortunately for supporters of the Red Sox, no one has escaped with AL East for the moment.

It was not difficult for Boston to stay looking for another title in the AL East, especially with the mortal offensive batters 1-2 of Manny Ramieriz (292 45144) and David Ortiz (.300 47148) , who provided the bulk of the score. Private Johnny Damon (.316 10 75) continued his impressive run as a Red Sox striker while Trott Nixon (.275 13.667) and receiver Jason Varitek (.221.22.70) returned to an impressive season.

The starting pitcher learned to live without Schilling with David Wells (15-7.45) for a decent season. Throwers Matt Clement (13 6 4.57) and Tim Wakefield (16 7 4.15) also stepped up their game to keep the Red Sox and Yankees elbow-to-shoulder until the last weekend. end in Fenway. The Yankees won the season finale two games to one, letting the Red Sox face the Chicago White Sox in the Division Series. Unfortunately for the Red Sox, 2005 ended on a quick start to the playoffs as they were swept in three games without losing, losing the third match in Fenway 5-3 against the White Sox.

Off season moves:

The chaos created by GM's initial departure, Theo Epstein, was beneficial for the Yankees, who were able to catch the free agent, center-stage player Johnny Damon, under the nose of the Red Sox. Boston stayed a few days later, finishing a contract with seven players with Marlins third baseman Mike Lowell (.236, 8, 58), starting pitcher Josh Beckett (15-8, 3.37) and pitcher Guillermo Mota ( 2-2 4.70). Mota was then used to acquire the spell player Coco Crisp (.300 16 69 16 SB) which will be used to replace Damon in the middle of the field. The reliever David Riske (3-4 3.10) also took over the Crisp trade.

Other notable changes out of season include Doug Mirabelli versus the Padres against 2nd baseman Mark Loretta (.280 3 38), as well as sending field player Edgar Renteria to the Braves for money with 3B Andy Marte. Additional moves, including the Red Sox, avoiding refereeing with infielder Tony Graffanino (.309 7 38) as well as adding pitcher Julian Tavarez (2-3-3.43) and field player JT Snow (.275 4 40).

2006 Analysis:

Expect the launch of the Boston match to be stronger than last year with the arrival of Josh Beckett and the anticipated rebound of Schilling. The Red Sox also hope that Wells will be more comfortable as the third starter of the number 1 – a role that he was forced to assume while Schilling was unable to bounce back after his injury to the peg of 2004. The pen is enhanced with the addition of Tavarez and Riske. Expect that Mike Timlin (7-3 2.24) Keith Foulke (5-5 5.91 15.7 save) Jonathan Papelbon (3-1 2.65) and Bronson Arroyo (14-10 4.51 ) are back on track where they left off last year.

Boston was badly hit by losing Johnny Damon because we will miss his production and leadership, but Crisp is a fast young player. Crisp recorded career highs last year in races (86), hits (178) and circuits and the Red Sox rely on him to do even more to fill the void left by Damon. Also expect Manny Ramieriz to be on the opening day's play list as the whispers of his departure for the Orioles or Mets in a multi-team mega deal no longer seem like a food to sell. newspapers. Few teams can handle Manny's contract and the Red Sox do not seem willing to offer financial relief to teams who have shown interest in acquiring it.