Some excellent hidden restaurants in San Diego, according to a Boston restaurant review

It looks like another weekend of heavy rain in Boston.

What is it, the 7th or 8th consecutive weekend with rain? I

I love Boston, but it's ridiculous.

With the rain, my waking dreams of San Diego, California, seem

continue to appear more and more (call it California

dream). The other night I was listening to a great rock

Encinitas radio station on the Internet. It made me think

about Encinitas, where my cousins ​​lived before living

went up the coast to La Costa.

One of my favorite restaurants in Encinitas is the 101 Diner.

Located about 4 blocks from my favorite beach in the world

(Moonlight Beach), the 101 Diner has it all, from the big

lunches and lunches between the outdoor seats and the convivial meals,

nice kind all around a landlord. Almost as well, and just

down the street, Kim's Restaurant, which was awesome

Vietnamese food. Better yet, none of these restaurants are

well known (if you looked at the website that I founded,

The hidden restaurants of Boston, you would know that I have a

thing for the great restaurants that have not been discovered).

Heading south to San Diego, another memorable but

little known, the restaurant can be found in the beautiful

Cardiff-by-the-Sea. Pipes Cafe is a breakfast place that is

mainly frequented by surfers and residents of Cardiff

arrive late at work (the word is, Trevor Hoffman, the big

San Diego Padres, is also a regular here).

Pipes has fantastic breakfast plates, and the dining room

outside on the patio is a must.

Continuing along the coast, you arrive at artsy Solana

Beach, home to Fidel's, which is pretty well known, and for

good reason; Fidel is perhaps the best Mexican restaurant

north of San Diego (although I have my favorite,

which I will mention in a minute). Fidel is hard to find because

it is hidden in a distant neighborhood of the ocean but

worth looking for.

Just before reaching San Diego, you hit La Jolla, a

community that seems to have more places to invest

only restaurants. I love La Jolla, with its spectacular

downtown park above the cliffs of the ocean, and its narrow,

twisted alleys. Just south of the center of La Jolla lies a little

restaurant called Bahia Don Bravo. The owners of this

Authentic Mexican restaurant have some branches in San

Diego, but this one is special, since you can order the food

go and walk a few blocks down a street to one of the

most spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean that you want

never see. And there is even a bench where the view is, so

you can eat in relative comfort. Bahia Don Bravo has the type

Mexican cuisine that you can not find in Boston. I always go

when traveling to San Diego, and always miss it when

I'm back in Boston.

Finally, you reach the beautiful city of San Diego. Or

to go for food? Well, there are too many good places to

mention here. Some highlights are Point Loma

Seafood, with its memorable views of the city through the

Coyote harbor and cafe in the old town. But my favorite is

a small burger joint at Ocean Beach called Hodad's,

which is where I had the best cheeseburger that I've had

anywhere in the country (and I had a lot of

cheeseburgers!). Juicy, thick, hearty and smothered in

Cheese, the burgers here are incredibly good. Hodad's is

really great.

Well, I guess my dream awake to eat my way through San

Diego is almost done. I look out the window and see the

Boston skyline, I realize that I live in a big city. I come

wish it does not rain so much.

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