Boston Atlantics Bands, Ball and Pivot Release Classic Titles

At the dawn of the digital age, more and more pop bands are releasing archive tracks and even offering for the first time songs that were never available before, with the exception of amateurs. fans of cassettes and bootlegs. The Boston-based punk / pop band, The Atlants, which helped launch the new wave scene from 1976 to 1982, recently restored and released some of the group's hit pipe collections, many of which were never previously available. The band's first CD was titled "Atlants", on the band's label, something. The 2006 collection included Atlantics & # 39; huge regional success "Lonelyhearts" and the original vinyl lapel "Impossible to wait forever". But what made "Atlantis" a hit on CDbaby and local radio was the addition of popular songs from their shows, which were previously played on tape at New England radio stations – " Pop Shivers "," Wrong Number ". "and the favorite of Friday" Weekend ".

The tapes of the thirteen tracks were stored in a chest in the basement of guitarist Tom Hauck's parents. "Our drummer Paul Caruso took these analog tapes and restored them professionally at M-Works in Cambridge," said Tom. "He was able to create a 13-track digital master that offers a very competitive sound quality." These twenty-five-year bands sound as good as many of the records released today. "And now, as the tracks are digital, the process of tape damage has been stopped.

Encouraged by the success of "Atlantics", the group released in 2007 "Atlants Live", a concert recording of the Paradise Club. The March 1979 concert was originally broadcast live on WCOZ-FM and included most of the hits from ABC Records' Big City Rock album, dating back to 1979. The digital versions continue. A digitally remastered bootleg of "Big City Rock" appeared in 2008; this CD now has a high price on the used CD market, if you find one.

The Atlantans are planning a third release for 2009. "PowerPop" will include seventeen titles from 1977 to 1982, including the classic ever released from Jukebox Records 45, "When You & Young". Recorded in 1978, the song combines the Ramones sound wall with a 1950s boy melody and paves the way for post-punk hits like "Dammit" from blink-182 (compare them both).

Not to be overlooked, the American glam group of the 80s, Ball and Pivot – starring Bruce Wilkinson of Atlantics at the micro – s went to the archives and released "Heart in the Sky" in 2008. The CD includes a digitally remastered version of their huge dance club and radio hit "Down," as well as favorites such as "Two O 'Roord Clock Jump" and "Downtown", pay tribute to the Stones-ish band , homage to the pleasures of the big city. Combining Crunch guitars, Big Beats and 80s synths, "Heart in the Sky" is a surprisingly fresh collection that evokes both a bygone era and a contemporary punch.

What makes the re-release market viable for bands like Atlantic and Ball and Pivot is the availability of online CD retailers such as CDBaby, regional channels like Newbury Comics and digital outlets. "Twenty-five years ago you had to have a major distributor for your vinyl record," says Atlantics. "We can now sell our music worldwide from a laptop.We sell more tracks today than when the band was performing.We are looking for authentic sounds from before their birth. We own a piece of history. "