The pros and cons of owning a Boston Terrier

You are thinking about getting yourself a dog and someone told you that you should seriously consider buying a Boston Terrier. Although I am personally inclined to agree with them, here are a few things to consider when making a decision. Remember that these dogs are over 15 years old. It is therefore a long-standing commitment not to be taken lightly.

Read below for information that can help you make the decision.


1. The Boston Terriers do not bark

Males and females of the breed bark very rarely. Although they rarely bark, they are excellent guard dogs and will alert you when someone will show up at the door or if something is wrong.

2. They are relatively small and do not lose much

Another good basis for owning a Boston Terrier is that they are relatively small and do not lose much. This has the added benefit of being able to take them everywhere with you, so you do not have to make a hard choice to leave them at home while you go out for dinner with friends. You will not have to because they will be welcome almost everywhere.

3. They always want to do what you want to do

And then, they always want to do what you want. This can be very important because having a dog that sleeps when you want to sleep is a great function, as well as a companion to walk, cuddle and watch movies, play or go for walks whenever you want. Once you take that into consideration, it makes sense to own a Boston.

The points above show the positive side of the Boston property. There is also a negative side. Let's focus on the different disadvantages.

The inconvenients:

1. They can be hard to break

If you own a Boston Terrier, they can be difficult to break. This is definitely a bad thing. For some people, this may be reason enough not to own one completely. Allow 4 to 6 months of cash training before you stop having accidents.

2. They can be voluntary if they are not properly trained

Most Boston Terriers are voluntary and you have to show them who the boss is from a very young age. If not, they will think that they are directing the show.

3. Problems arising from their very small face

One last reason to avoid owning a Boston Terrier is that they can have health problems flowing from their very short face. Everyone should think about this point very carefully because it can lead to breathing problems. Sniffing, sniffing and snoring are common with the breed. It is important to note that these dogs should be given special attention because they do not tolerate heat well and need to have a cool place to rest when they live in a hot climate.

And that's it. There are the real advantages and disadvantages of owning a Boston Terrier. This may not be what is right in all cases, but it is definitely the perfect dog for many people. You may now want to consider the points mentioned above and choose if it suits you. This information should help you to be ready to make the best choice.