5 places for student outings in Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and is home to countless historic sites, emblematic homes and educational sites for children and tourists alike. It's the golden opportunity to immerse yourself in the country's unique history. Some events are centered around the American Revolution, as students and tourists engage in enriching experiences with their parents, teachers or guides. What this means for you, if you are looking for fun places to go on a field trip with your accusations, it's an abundance of choices.

Be on the lookout for whale watching expeditions, harbor cruises, cultural events, gastronomic tours, chartered bus tours to unique and historic neighborhoods and extensive parks for a day of sightseeing. relaxation. Of course, you do not need to browse new trails for kids attractions in Boston because they are strategically scattered throughout the city. Here are 5 of the best Boston has to offer!

1. The foundation of the Freedom Trail

44 School Street, Suite 250, Boston, MA 02108

(617) 357-8300

Offering a good mix of shopping, dining, history and fun for people of all ages along the "Red Brick Road", since the founding of the foundation in 1964 by the successor to the Freedom Trail Committee, the 2.5-mile walk is a must for beginners in Boston. You do not have to walk the gamut and walk at your own pace in 16 major historical sites in Boston, which typically lasts about 90 minutes. For students, it's an easy solution!

The tour allows visitors to discover authentic treasures such as museums, churches, burial sites and meeting rooms such as Boston Common, Park Street Church, the Massachusetts State House, the Granary Burying Ground, the Old Bookstore Corner, the old South meeting house, Boston Latin School site, and many others. Entries of 30 minutes on each of the sites give you a candid insight into the history of the people who helped shape the country. The trail ends at the Bunker Hill Monument and the United States. Constitution and, from there, you can take a slow and languid stroll through the historic Charlestown neighborhood with your kids or students.

2. The Boston Children's Museum

308 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210

(617) 426-6500

The museum is the second oldest children's museum in the United States. The attraction is a wonderland with fun and educational exhibits as well as practical stations that encourage children to be flexible. As you head towards Fort Point Channel where the museum is located, let the kids wander freely around permanent exhibitions such as Arthur & Friends, A City Connects, Art Studio, The Common, Construction Zone, Countdown to Kindergarten, The Gallery, Kid Power, Johnny's Workbench, Peep's World, Science Playground and many more. Since most exhibitions are subject-centered, this is a virtual panacea for those who follow the movement. Without a doubt, children will be delighted to focus on visiting some of the exhibitions you are trying to teach them.

Just outside, you will find the famous Hood milk bottle, the perfect place to take this picture on Instagram! It has been in existence since 1977, when it was shipped to the Boston Ferry during the "Tall Ship in Bottle". Although the bottle is empty, it was a real bottle, she could have stored more than 58,600 gallons of milk! There are group coordinators you can call if you bring a large group of children with you. Think about your options with them and you will have plenty of time to spend after the visit at the end of the day.

3. The Museum of Discovery

177 Main Street, Acton, MA 01720

(978) 264-4200

The Discovery Museum is located in downtown Acton, a 40-minute charter bus ride from downtown Boston. After the historic Victorian house and the postmodern building have had a makeover, it has become a much sought-after attraction for parents and teachers! You can also expect a lot more space inside and outside the grand building. Since 1992, they have been offering STEM practical workshops to their highly qualified educators, providing insights into basic details such as movement, weather, electricity and physical changes in the material.

Imaginary play stations such as a canteen, a ticket office, water stations, bullet drying kilns, looped railways, book-filled shelves and playgrounds are major assets for all groups of people. 'age. The attraction for the field visit is ideal for students from elementary to high school. If you are a tourist traveling with children, this is a must. As children move from one exhibit to another, their questions are often not an answer but quests for investigation, communication and search for solutions.

4. Fruitlands Museum

102 Prospect Hill Road, Harvard, MA 01451-1348

(978) 456-3924

In addition to showing kids another side of the country, Fruitlands is also a respite from Boston's riff raff. Located about 50 minutes by chartered bus from downtown Boston, it has 210 acres of peaceful meadows and attractive forest areas. Go on a hike, connect with nature, discover the lives of former residents of Massachusetts, such as Shakers, Transcendentalists and Native Americans. The art exhibitions, giving life to the flavor, present both established artists from the region and new faces emerging from the art scene. Outdoor sculptures can only be described as contemporary and stimulating, even as nature invites through its winding paths. With a magnificent view from the top of the hill, its attractive programs, tours and organized exhibitions are sure to leave you with a lasting impression.

5. Planting Plimoth

137 Warren Avenue, Plymouth, MA 02360

(508) 746-1622

Reading pages of history books can only do a lot. The Plimoth Plantation is unparalleled among the oldest and most respected of the living history of the state of Massachusetts. The living museum has existed since 1947, restoring and reproducing what an original plantation looked like when English settlers were moored in North America during their pilgrims. The ideal opportunity to introduce young children and adolescents to science, social sciences and humanities, his first-hand exhibitions are mainly based on documents, articles, artifacts, paintings and personal stories. passed from generation to generation. It hosts school trips and school groups and enthusiastically takes children and tourists to exhibitions such as the Wampanoag Homesite, a 17th century English village, its craft center, Nye Barn and Mayflower II which is docked near Plymouth Rock. the museum. The incredible cocktail of explanations offered by guides and Native Americans dressed in vintage outfits makes the experience unexpected.