Boston Pizza – Franchise Review

Boston Pizza is a chain of restaurants based in Canada known by different names; The gourmet pizza, Bo Pi or Boston BP. It owns and operates branches in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Founded in Edmonton, Alberta in 1964 by Gus Agioritis, Boston Pizza focuses on making pizza, pasta and spare ribs. Headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, and six years after its inception, it already has 17 branches in Western Canada, 15 of which are franchised.

An officer from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was one of the first franchisees to notice, in 1968, the growing popularity of Boston Pizza. After purchasing the necessary rights to open his restaurant in British Columbia, he later formed a partnership with his friend and acquired the business of Ron Coyle, who bought it from Agioritis. They had 16 restaurants, including 15 detachments and franchisees.

They continued to grow and in 1995, their restaurant chain expanded to 95 restaurants in Western Canada, and more sports bars were created, making them an essential part of the business. The expansion continued with the creation of the first Eastern Boston Pizza in 1998. There are currently more than 325 Boston Pizza restaurants in Canada alone.

The American version of Boston Pizza is known as Boston and the first franchise was established in the United States in 1998. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the Boston gourmet restaurant has become a casual restaurant and bar. sports bar in the United States. pizza, pasta, sandwiches and other delicious meals. It offers a family atmosphere to eat with the sports bar made up of memories of local teams. It is suitable for outings with family or sports enthusiasts. To date, Boston has 54 units in the United States and 2 franchises in Mexico.

Boston Pizza has secured a significant financial and commercial boost by becoming the official pizza supplier for Expo 86 in Vancouver. This has allowed the company to have 17 additional franchises over the next two years. It is ranked in the top 100 fastest growing franchises, as well as in the largest US franchises.
Total revenue in 2007 was $ 755 million for a total investment of $ 1.7 to $ 3.1 million. The franchise fee is $ 50,000, with a permanent fee of 5%. In order to qualify you as a franchise investor, you must have a net worth of $ 1.5 million, have a cash requirement of $ 500,000 and have a minimum of $ 500,000. general professional experience. A franchise unit must be managed by at least 7 employees and the owner of an absent franchise is prohibited.

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