Have a Boston tea theme this year? Discover what colonial Americans enjoyed

Having a tea theme in Boston will make a memorable party for years to come. The food is always at the top of the list, so some easy and fun recipes from July 4th will get you started.

Let's start with your theme. The Boston Tea Party was a major event in American history. This was one of the events that was a catalyst for the American Revolution. These events led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and to the celebration of July 4th of each year. This is the perfect time to combine story learning with fun activities.

If you want to stay true to your theme, the food can be very varied. It seems that the settlers did not eat a standard meal; they ate what was available to them. More often than not, the affluent family who lived in the colonies was served twice.

The first dish, for their dinner, included several meats, meat puddings and / or deep meat pies. These pies contain fruits and various spices. They were also served pancakes and donuts. The side dishes were side dishes of sauces, pickles and ketchups.

The desserts appeared with the second dish. An assortment of fresh, cooked or dried fruit, custard and sweet pies was offered depending on availability. The cakes served were varied: pound cake, spice bread, spice cakes and cheeses were also offered.

It is also important to note that settlers loved chocolate and tea. These were the two most popular drinks in the colonial era.

In keeping with the love of tea for settlers, let's explore some memorable July 4th recipes for your party.

Let's start with what you want to drink. If you want to stick to the red, white and blue theme, you can suggest drinks that go with your theme. How are iced tea with lemonade, Boston iced tea and blueberry granita bran? Yum, is that it?

If you like watermelon, you may want to consider a porridge enriched with watermelon tea. This is a super cool treat for a hot day.

Fresh fruits abound at this time of the year. Hollow out a watermelon and fill it with fresh fruit mixed with tea syrup. It keeps the fruit nice and adds another taste dimension to the fruit.

Plus have a Boston Tea Party Theme this year?

For something different from ordinary burgers and hot dogs, try the orange spice tea BBQ sauce on chicken or spare ribs.

Turkey was a big favorite in the colonial era. Try a grilled or roasted turkey with a spicy tea and cranberry sauce for a new taste.

How does the red, white and blue potato salad sound? Your guests will be talking about this potato salad for a long time. Guests do not need to know that it is an easy thing to accomplish. Just buy the red rose baby, the white pink baby and the little blue (yes, there are blue potatoes) and put them in your traditional potato salad. It's just a fun way to keep the patriotic theme and have fun too!

As the second course was a dessert for the settlers, it's a good time to respond to what you want to serve. Cup Cakes, Pound Cake and even Snicker scribbles were very popular in the colonial era.

The settlers loved chocolate. You may want to serve a chocolate and chocolate tea cake. This is a simple cake to make and will not fail to please.

In the colonial era, there was what was called the American cake 1234. This cake was to facilitate the memorization of ingredients. Of course, when the other ingredients became available, the bakers added extra ingredients that were available to them.

Apple pie and apple dumplings were another staple of the desserts for settlers. Think about making an apple-cranberry green tea pie.

Of course, ice cream was a rare treat in the colonial era. It was said that when the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were preparing this document, it was at the height of summer. The windows were kept closed so that everything that happened in the meetings was kept secret. The one and only present that the Continental Congress was waiting for every day was a portion of ice cream.

With Boston Tea Tea, consider making homemade tea ice cream. Think of raspberry tea, blueberry tea and white almond tea ice cream. It's easy to do and very refreshing. The Continental Congress would have loved the irony of ice tea!

A Boston Tea Party The theme of these July 4 food types will create a memorable time that will be talked about for many years.