The Atlants – 1970's Classic Power Pop from Boston

The Atlanteans were formed in January 1976 by bassist Bruce Wilkinson and guitarist Tom Hauck, two students at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, outside Boston. They are joined by drummer Boby Bear and lead guitarist Jeff Lock. To complete the training, Wilkinson recruited singer Bobby Marron, a friend from his hometown of New Jersey.

The Atlanteans gave their first concert in the spring of 1976 at The Rat in Kenmore Square. In May 1976, they played in the first part of the Ramones, who played two nights at The Club in Central Square. The Atlanteans made their first trips to New York City in the summer of 1976, playing CBGB and Max in Kansas City. The group quickly becomes an important and authentic element of the emerging punk / new wave movement.

The following spring, Ray Fernandes replaced Boby Bear on drums. In the summer of 1977, the Atlanteans recorded their first independent record on Jukebox Records, "When You Are Young," written by Bruce Wilkinson, accompanied by "Where would I be without your love," written by Jeff Lock. A thousand copies were pressed but never released, and the single is now considered a collector's item. In the spring of 1978, Jeff Lock left the band and was replaced by Fred Pineau of the Hello Aviators.

The Atlanteans signed with ABC Records this summer, and in December the band recorded their BIG CITY ROCK album at the Hit Factory in New York. The album was released in March 1979, just after the sale of ABC Records to MCA Records. Their new label, in collaboration with Premier Talent, makes the Atlantic a national tour with Roxy Music, followed by a regional tour to New England. The group has produced with artists such as The Ramones, The Cars, Cheap Tricks, Boston, Graham Parker, Talking Heads and many others. Bruce Wilkinson's single "One Last Night" was aired on regional and international airwaves, and the album received a rave review in Rolling Stone.

In the summer of 1979, Paul Caruso joined the band as a drummer. The band returned in 1980 with what would become one of New England's greatest independent singles, "Lonelyhearts," written by Tom Hauck. It was the reverse of "Can not Wait Forever", a Motown-flavored song by Bruce Wilkinson. "Lonelyhearts" climbed to the top of the New England radio and dance charts and stayed for months. You can still hear it on Boston radio stations, including WFNX-FM.

Over the next two years, Atlantics broadcast several tape songs to Boston radio stations, including "Pop Shivers", "Wrong Number" and "Weekend". In June 1983, the group played its last show at the Channel in Boston.

The original analog tapes of most of Atlantis most popular songs have been stored. In 2006, these tapes were recovered and 13 tracks were digitally restored for the ATLANTICS CD. These songs were recorded between 1979 and 1982 in studios in the Boston area and have no overdub or other modifications. In 2007, Atlantics released a live set of the Boston Paradise Club. ATLANTICS LIVE was recorded in March 1979 and contains many songs from BIG CITY ROCK. Atlantics CDs are available at CDbaby and Newbury Comics.

In October 2011, the Atlanteans had the honor of including the simple cover "Lonelyhearts" in a magnificent new book by Matthew Chojnacki – "Put the Needle on the Disc". It's a collection of more than 250 artist kits ranging from Ramones to Pat Benatar, to Run-DMC. The covers are accompanied by the comments of the artists. The cover "Lonelyhearts" was designed by Tibor Kalman, who recently launched M & Co, which has become a leading design company. When the group met Tibor for the first time, he had several other ideas. one of them was to cover the sleeve with sandpaper (the rough side out!). The group thought it was a good idea but would not do them the admiration to register retailers or radio stations. The cover concept they joined – the rows of tiny photos of band members – was an instant hit, and luckily the song was too.

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