2 men arrested in fatal stabbing in Boynton Beach

Frequently the two men arrested in fatal stabbing in Boynton Beach , Boynton Beach, Florida – Boynton Beach police say officers responding to a bar brawl saw a man stabbed another man multiple times. Stabbing victim was taken to hospital on Saturday morning, where he was pronounced dead. Police say the 27-year old … Read more Palm Beach For the writer’s own nominal thickness “Palm Beach Society Holding Hostage” screamed the headline in February Gossip Extra, muckraking South Florida Jose started a blog Lambiel, who writes a column of the same name, The Miami Herald. Blog is accused of strong-arming … Mrs. Donnelly Read more
911 dispatcher Frequently placed in the middle of Miami Beach vacation Fire Investigation Response , Miami Beach (CBS4) – 911 Dispatcher pay up to Miami Beach police released a full investigation as to why he’s more than half an hour to meet the Venetian Islands home and help the dying person, Police Chief Ray Martinez … Read more
Frequently Millions of dinars stolen in Atlantic Beach in the house, police said , Iraqi money, which means about 5900 $ U.S. currency was stolen from a man’s bedroom Featherwood Drive Atlantic Beach 12 blank checks, police said. He discovered the theft at noon, when her bank called to tell anyone … Read more