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Frequently Developers: Set Line Virginia Beach to pay 5M The first look at the document unsolicited offers Virginia Beach officials said Tuesday. Private developers have said that they can design and build the extension of the $ 45000000 per mile, compared to $ 65,000,000 per mile cost … Read more Virginian-Pilot
Frequently Long Beach Gerda Seifer resident shares memories of survival during , Seifert, now 85, knocked his hand on the table of their home in Long Beach to emulate the sound as German soldiers marched in hobnailed boots. Bump, blow, blow. Every time he heard steps in the darkness, she thought her time had come. Read more
Frequently father shot, killed in Long Beach Police concluded 0500000 Mardirossian said Long Beach police officers opened fire without warning Douglass Zerby. Douglass Zerby sat on the balcony while intoxicated and holding water nozzle. Police said the 911 call led them to believe the metal object is … Read more